Full Name:Kuma Mishima
Faction:Mishima Zaibatsu
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
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Adopted impulsively by Heihachi as an abandoned cub, Kuma is likely the only person in the world to whom the baron of the Zaibatsu shows genuine, open love and affection towards. Personally trained and sparring with the old man, he is actually incredibly strong and ferocious -- a normal bear would not be a match for even a neophyte fighter, but Kuma has a savage strength and speed that is a force to be reckoned with. Strangely, Kuma appears to have complete consciousness and the ability to understand both speech and writing, along with his own personality and motivations. Although he only appears able to clearly communicate with Heihachi, and the bond they have is fully mutual, it is difficult to tell what part he truly plays in the giant corporation. The only thing certain is that he's Lee Chaolan's supervisor, and even has a bigger salary. He is also the sole beneficiary to the Mishima Zaibatsu fortune and estates if Heihachi were to die. An unrequited love with a certain large panda seems to be at least the short term focus in his life...

Style:Savage Arts + Circus Dancing
Signature Move:Frolicking Bear -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:TOUGHNESS -- MOMENTUM

Recent Logs

[Rising Star 2021] Ristar 2021 R3 - Nena vs Kuma - It's round three of the Rising Star tournament, and the Southtown Mall is playing host for the strangest match yet. Robo-Girl Nena Washington is squaring off against the heir to the Mishima Zaibatsu, Kuma. Highs, lows, ultra violence and international war crimes are all jammed into this singular clash, but most importantly of all are the friends made along the way. - Log created on 14:46:34 05/01/2021 by Kuma, and last modified on 23:10:07 05/02/2021. Cast: Kuma and Nena.

[Rising Star 2021] Ristar 2021 R1 - Poison vs Kuma - In a seedy underground fighting cage tucked away somewhere in glorious Spain, Poison finds herself facing off with an actual for real god damn bear to claim her spot in the Rising Star Tournament. Seriously, who even makes these rules? Surely this must be cheating. - Log created on 20:25:39 03/29/2021 by Kuma, and last modified on 00:01:41 03/30/2021. Cast: Poison and Kuma.

[Neo League 0001] NL#0050: Miki vs Kuma - Miki finds it hard to bear Kuma's ferocious onslaught, her Tiger Mask difficult to keep up under the ursine ferocity. Kuma admits to Heihachi that he's beary in love with Panda, and hopes for her as his prize for the tournament, which Heihachi refuses to panda-r to, and Miki gets catty about it, seeing love as a black and white matter. Kuma finds other people knowing this unbearable, and they drop the subject. The fight gets pretty hairy, but Kuma gains the advantage over Miki. Finally, he manages to beat her via ring-out claws. Despite the catastrophe, after a paws, she gathers the strength to pounce back in for more, but it's bearly effective against Kuma, and he puts her back outside, and unconcious with one more swat. Bear. (Winner: Kuma) - Log created on 20:30:40 01/19/2015 by Miki, and last modified on 18:45:11 01/20/2015. Cast: Kuma and Miki.

[Neo League 0001] NL#0042: Kuma vs Daniel - Daniel Jack, Number 3 in the Neo-League, had reached that point through happenstance, pressure from the Chief, and also punching girls. However, when the Chief demands that he face the infamous Kuma in the Kuma Arena in his next Neo-League fight, the detective manages to protest. After all, fighting animals sounds an awful lot like animal abuse, and Daniel Jack had some principles to make a stand for. Unfortunately, he would have to make a stand before Heihachi himself... <WINNER: Kuma> - Log created on 22:03:14 01/09/2015 by Daniel, and last modified on 03:17:40 01/10/2015. Cast: Daniel, Heihachi, and Kuma.

[Neo League 0001] NL#0040: Kuma vs May - The wilds clash against the high seas in this exciting Neo League match! Only the truly crazed and suicidal would dare to fight the giant bear that is Kuma /and/ antagonize Heihachi while they are at it. Naturally it is Cap'n May who boards this dead man's chest to prove that a little girl can be just as dangerous as a giant grizzly bear. <Winner: Kuma> - Log created on 18:30:25 01/07/2015 by May, and last modified on 21:47:28 01/07/2015. Cast: Kuma and May.

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