Full Name:Wolfgang Krauser
Faction:House of Strolheim
Weight:315 lbs
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Violet
Hair Color:Purple
OOC Data
Game:Fatal Fury
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Wolfgang Krauser is the current head of the Strolheim family, a modern-day 'noble family' in Germany. The Strolheims are known throughout history as some of the most savage and powerful fighters around, and Krauser has done plenty to keep this image alive. His style focuses on his immense power, but Krauser is a bit faster than his muscle-bound body might lead you to believe. Krauser is Geese Howard's half-brother, but neither are particularly loving towards one another, and Geese actually does take up a significant amount of caution when he believes Krauser may oppose him, a very telling sign of Krauser's abilities. While he enjoys a good fight, Krauser has some of the more refined elements of a German nobleman to him as well, and is quite good at playing a symphonic organ piano. His current major goals are improvement of his own style and body, and the recruiting of elite fighters to the House of Strolheim to expand its power and goals.

Style:Krauser Family Arts
Signature Move:Kaiser Wave -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE

Recent Logs

[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Secret Stage - Geese vs Krauser - In the depths of Strolheim, the paths of two men cross. Though brothers by blood, it has been many years since these two men fought. Geese has long lived in fear of his younger half-brother...but how have the two changed since so many years ago...? - Log created on 20:23:21 05/26/2018 by Geese, and last modified on 06:29:05 05/29/2018. Cast: Geese and Krauser.

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