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"By the light of the sun!"

Ancient by the standards of men, yet young in the eyes of his fellow gods, Kotal has lived a bloody, violent existence. As the patron of Blood, War, and the Sun, he embodies the mystical energy of life, the savage brutality of war, and the steadfast wisdom of one who's light must shine upon all equally. Under the name Huitzilopotchli, he once used his powers to build the Aztec people up from a handful of scattered tribes, to an empire who's echoes can still be felt in the world today. At their head he fought alongside the forces of light to repel Outworld, championing the fight against Shao Kahn. However, after the loss of his people to disease and superior weaponry, he abandoned Earthrealm to wander the leylines beyond, eventually showing up at the side of his former enemy. Now he serves as one of the many powerful agents of Outworld, though why he would choose to submit himself to one he fought for so long remains a mystery.

Style:Yaomichita and Changquan
Signature Move:Soleil -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

NOL Bounty Data

Kotal AKA: Buluc Chabtan
Class: ABounty: $435,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Self-proclaimed god known to be extremely dangerous if approached.

Recent Logs

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 2 - Viva la Revolution - While Vega has assumed control of most of the Mexican drug cartels, he doesn't have full control of the people -- not yet, anyway. Kotal is hard at work arming the Mexican people for a resistance to kick Vega out of his turf, seeking to restore pride in Mexico with a revolution! But Vega's not keen on that -- and he's sent Marz and Satsuki to quell this unruly insurrection before it gets completely out of hand! - Log created on 21:24:07 08/28/2018 by Kotal, and last modified on 21:45:16 09/11/2018. Cast: Marz, Satsuki, and Kotal.

It's a Kotal Kahn Party - It's trouble down by the border! Trouble enough to attract the attention of one praetorian soldier, Potemkin, in search of stolen Zepp technology and missing weapon caches. Enough to attract the attention of a so called 'god' who is furious at the interlopers despoiling his lands. Enough to draw the attention of a woman who..just wants to smash faces into the ground and call it a day. - Log created on 15:40:56 07/15/2018 by Potemkin, and last modified on 17:16:15 07/16/2018. Cast: Potemkin, Kotal, and Bullet.

[KOF 2017] Act 3: Mission 29) War Gods - Upon the shores of Southtown, two demi-gods of war face down. One embodying the brutal chaos of war, the other a more regal and commanding decider of the necessary wages of blood. But both come after a single target: the Command Gear. For Kotal, it is a bargaining chip, an offering to secure his power and influence over the mortals. For Necalli? She is food to be consumed. And neither can approach without ensuring the other has been suitably subdued. - Log created on 16:25:35 11/20/2017 by Kotal, and last modified on 15:32:12 12/05/2017. Cast: Necalli and Kotal.

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 16 - Made In Japan - Johnny Cage had it made. Made in Japan, that is. With a new movie announced and in production, he was ready to bust ninja, slap some shogun, and woo all the geisha in the latest action thriller. But Justice just had to mess it all up and nuclear laser everything. Now, the crew have been evacuated. A real ninja war has broken out. The Cage is PISSED. Instead of searching for the real culprit or those involved, he wrongly directs his wrath at the Iga Clan, which in turn draws the attention of Huitzilopochtli, a fierce demigod otherwise known as Kotal. Kotal meant to test the weakened seals of the mountain, but must contend with Nagase and some AAA actor with a grudge first, or else how will his konquest begin? - Log created on 17:35:07 10/09/2017 by Nagase, and last modified on 23:05:32 10/11/2017. Cast: Nagase, Johnny Cage, and Kotal.

[KOF 2017] Blood Ritual - Upon the sundered cliffs of Mt. Fuji, where Justice's fury has fallen, Kotal finds a place of power. There he slaughters outmatched warriors and takes their blood to serve his sorcery. But one man's blood, thick with madness, has led him here in search of a different god. - Log created on 16:07:48 10/07/2017 by Yamazaki, and last modified on 00:12:00 10/08/2017. Cast: Yamazaki and Kotal.

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