Height:335+ cm (11')+
Weight:5647 kg (12,540 lbs)
Blood Type:Unknown
Nationality:The Backyard
Eye Color:White
Hair Color:Red
Likes:Being Huge, Strength, Sweets, Feats Of Strength, Travel, Flexing, Girls, Sponsors and Endorsement, Victory
Dislikes:Really tiny animals, Ghosts, Over Seasoned Food, Being Humiliated
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Kevin Grevioux
Theme Song:


"A worthy challenger?! I hope you will entertain me!"

A Youkai who is known as The Strongest Titan. Though seemingly affable and gregarious, his lust for battle and indomitable strength imply darker tendencies and an occasional lack of sincerity. His unstoppable strength has led to him traveling the worlds in search of ideal opponents, but he is ignorant of the damages he leaves in his wake. He is a cauldron of ether and chi, focused purely on mountainous size and strength. Rumor of his power has even reached the depths of Outworld and The Makai. As immovable as he is unstoppable, mere finger flicks can hurtle foes away and his punches can trigger earthquake warning systems. His casual feats of strength seem to show no limit to their potential. Boisterous, competitive and curious, he yearns to establish a society for and ruled by 'The Strong' and so searches for opponents worthy to be invited to join.

Style:Gigantes: Mountainous Strength
Signature Move:Gigaton Crush -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:BRACE -- BULWARK

Recent Logs

[The Descent] Round 2 - Disasters, Natural Or Otherwise - A decade ago, Calgary, Alberta, Canda's Saddledome suffered a horrific flood, claiming dozens of lives. Today, the water's ankle-deep in its forever-condemned basement and rising slowly, ever since this desolate space gave rise to a new friendship powerful enough to conjure tears from the drowned dead. Down here, the Last Yagami and the Strongest Titan are granted an opportunity to sink ever deeper into the Descent or be washed away. - Log created on 19:55:53 07/21/2022 by Iori, and last modified on 19:21:17 07/22/2022. Cast: Iori and Kongou.

[The Descent] Round 1 - The Trampled Earth - In a Remote Village occupied by little more than burned, crumbling homes and ashes, the titan Kongou and the lethal husk Edenlith visit thundering fury upon a remote patch of jungle long since gutted by the engines of war. - Log created on 21:00:36 07/07/2022 by Edenlith, and last modified on 08:59:38 07/16/2022. Cast: Edenlith and Kongou.

The Shuddering Heavens - Akuma summons a Titan from the Boundary as the venom of Orochi pumps through his spirit. Will the Demon be swept aside by the Mountain of Might, or will these two powerful forces find common ground in the heat of battle? - Log created on 21:10:54 04/06/2022 by Akuma, and last modified on 11:39:20 04/19/2022. Cast: Akuma and Kongou.

[Neo League 0165] NL#0173: Juliet vs Tarmo - Meeting on the street after an enforced break from her trials within the Neo League, Juliet is eager to get back up to fighting fitness against Tarmo! The bearish Finn enters with a bright attitude and sticky fingers, but can his greater size, reach and experience match up to The Boxing Angel and her boundless spirit?! - Log created on 12:55:49 05/07/2021 by Juliet, and last modified on 18:07:20 05/07/2021. Cast: Tarmo, Kongou, Dennis, and Juliet.

[Neo League 0165] NL#0172: Dennis vs Kongou - Still trying to improve his rankings despite his loss to Tarmo, Dennis challenges the giant Kongou to a fight, hoping to use his experience fighting Abigail. Unfortunately things don't go so well for Metro City's cleanest cop at Southtown's dirtiest river. - Log created on 17:08:25 05/05/2021 by Dennis, and last modified on 18:11:32 05/07/2021. Cast: Kongou and Dennis.

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