Full Name:Kokonoe Mercury
Faction:Sector Seven
Age:Go ahead. Ask.
Height:5'1" (155cm)
Weight:92.6 lbs (42kg)
Blood Type:B
Nationality:Another timeline
Eye Color:Gold
Hair Color:Pink
Date of Birth:April 18th
Hobbies:Collecting candy from around the world, upgrading Tager, building model kits
Personal Treasures:Silvervine Candies
Favorite Food:Ferrero Rocher chocolates
Likes:Candy, science(!!), her subordinates (minions)
Dislikes:Stereotypes, Terumi, bigots, Terumi, idiots, Terumi
Best Sport:Delegating
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Science is true power! Wahahahaha!"

As the daughter of not one but two of the Legendary Heroes that defeated the Black Beast, Kokonoe carries a great weight of responsibility on her shoulders, though much of that is imposed by her own demanding nature. Left in the care of the Novis Orbis Librarium by her father Jubei after her mother was slain by Yuuki Terumi, an act that Kokonoe considers abandonment, the young half-beastkin spent every ounce of her time dedicating herself to preparing for the day she might take revenge upon Terumi. Since that day, she has grown into a world-renowned genius of unparallelled talent in the fields of magic and science, bolstered by her heritage as the daughter of the world's most powerful mage, Nine. Her success has not done much to temper her anger, however, and Kokonoe has earned the reputation of an irritable, callous, slave driver amongst those that serve underneath her, demanding the same level of perfection from them that she does from herself.

Style:Active Prototype Experimentation
Signature Move:Graviton Capacitor - Activate -- ENERGY

Recent Logs

[SNF 2021.08 (Pringer's Birthday Bash)] Pringer's Birthday Bash 2021 - Ten fighters enter the BLITZ MEGAMAZE. Only one can emerge victorious. Chosen by random draw, these combatants will face off against each other for the favour of the mysterious PRINGER X! (An experimental and self-serving event run by Pringer X for their birthday in 2021!) - Log created on 14:17:55 08/09/2021 by Pringer X, and last modified on 09:52:37 09/11/2021. Cast: King, Kairi, Tung Fu Rue, Lynn, Widow, The Astro, I-No, Kokonoe, Platinum, and Titanic Tim.

A Kind of Nostalgic Feeling - Litchi Faye-Lin decides to drown her sorrows away somewhere on the fringes of Southtown's Chinatown. A familiar face from her past, however, sees fit to interrupt, with her usual flair for charm, and a simple favor to ask. - Log created on 23:47:43 01/16/2019 by Kokonoe, and last modified on 03:40:32 01/18/2019. Cast: Litchi and Kokonoe.

Take Me to the Candy Shop - Seeking a solution to a particularly small problem, Bulleta comes to an out of the way candy shop in Southtown in search of a particularly cantankerous cat. Compromises over confections are made, because this scene summary's author has an amiable addiction to alliteration. - Log created on 20:32:25 01/01/2019 by Kokonoe, and last modified on 16:21:17 01/08/2019. Cast: Bulleta and Kokonoe.

[Illyria] Illyria Act 2 - Seventh Seal - What happens when a battleship of a man and a wandering shounen hero run into each other at a magic/technology facility deep under the earth in the Albanian countryside that once was home to an ancient and wise kingdom? Honestly, mostly banter. But it's GOOD banter. - Log created on 14:39:26 04/07/2018 by Naoto, and last modified on 23:58:04 04/08/2018. Cast: Kokonoe, Iron Tager, and Naoto.

The Cannibal Awakes - Azrael, locked deep beneath Sector Seven, is roused by the God of Death, given notice of World Warrior... and testing the full extent of countermeasures to prevent his escape. - Log created on 23:34:29 01/06/2018 by Azrael, and last modified on 22:45:54 01/09/2018. Cast: Izanami, Azrael, and Kokonoe.

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