Full Name:Kliff Undersn
Faction:Sacred Order
Height:4'9" old/5'9" young
Weight:121 pounds
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:White
Likes:His set of teacups
Dislikes:Fashionable, voguish words
OOC Data
Game:Guilty Gear
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Back in my day..."

Some people have one moment in their life that utterly defined them as a person. For Kliff Undersn, that was when a man named Fredrick, who would later be known as Sol Badguy, saved his life. From then on, Kliff made it his purpose in life to extend such a gratitude to everyone in the world. Enlisting into the Sacred Order of Holy Knights as soon as he was of age, Kliff rose through the ranks, distinguishing himself both in the field and in the role of leadership, he became the perfect image of a knight in every way seemingly entirely through sheer will alone. Having spent decades in the organization and now its supreme commander, few would guess at a glance that the kindly, short old man that is Kliff Undersn is in reality a veteran of countless battles, capable of wielding the fabled bardiche Dragonslayer, a blade rumored to have the power of killing a dragon in a single blow. Although his age seems to catch up to him from time to time, Kliff still fervently adheres to the ultimate ideals of a knight, holding duty, valor, honor and temperance as the highest virtues to pursue. This drives him to still play a very active role in the Holy Order, always willing to lead a hand to the younger generation. After all, it's probably what that man that rescued him would have done, right?

Style:Dragonslayer and Earth Chi
Signature Move:Bellowing Roar -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

Recent Logs

Prophecies and Legends - A vision of singular destruction, of dark days ahead, drives a seeress to take extreme measures and treat with potential enemies. Are the legends of the man called 'Dragonslayer' true? And can he -- and his 'Sacred Order' -- quell a rising darkness before it's too late? - Log created on 18:31:09 01/22/2018 by Elise, and last modified on 23:48:46 01/31/2018. Cast: Elise and Kliff.

[KOF 2017] Kliff Notes - The commander of the Sacred Order summons his agents Alma, recently inducted into a team competing in the King of Fighters tournament, and Dr. Tran to pass on their marching orders: infiltrate Violet Systems, the tournament's sponsor, and investigate their suspicious connections with dire supernatural forces. With Alma and Walter participating openly and Tran working behind the scenes, a conspiracy is only beginning to make itself apparent, and nothing is what it seems. Except Dr. Tran. He seems normal. - Log created on 13:33:42 08/01/2017 by Alma, and last modified on 18:16:44 08/01/2017. Cast: Alma, Robo-Tran, Walter, and Kliff.

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Week 3] The Hand of Dohma - The Hand of Dohma was created amongst folks who had seen the past works of Jedah Dohma and took him to be their personal savior. They have come to Majigen to seek him out, and in doing so, attracted a number of disenfranchised residents of Metro City into their fold. Tonight is a momentous occasion for them, as the Black Messiah makes a personal appearance. With him, he brings good tidings and promises of a better tomorrow -- but his message carries a dark undertone for those who do not subscribe to his worldview. - Log created on 20:26:54 04/24/2015 by Jedah, and last modified on 00:03:32 04/25/2015. Cast: Rust, Jedah, Ryu Hayabusa, Kliff, and Zappa.

Run From the Light - Testament has strayed a little too close to the Sacred Order of Holy Knights' base. But instead of the whole Order mobilizing to destroy him, one man handles it. Their formerly retired leader, Kliff Undersn. - Log created on 18:29:36 03/24/2015 by Testament, and last modified on 06:17:55 04/11/2015. Cast: Testament and Kliff.

Doing the Drills - Youthful exuberance clash against old wizened experience when Mimiru attends her first drilling session in the Holy Order led by none other than Kliff Undersn. Also, stuff explodes and it's all Mimiru's fault. - Log created on 13:59:17 03/23/2015 by Kliff, and last modified on 18:23:17 03/23/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Kliff.

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