Height:5' 8"
Weight:130 lbs
Blood Type:A Positive
Nationality:French / Thai
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Blonde
Date of Birth:April 8
Hobbies:Wine glass collecting
Favorite Food:Vegetables and wine
Dislikes:Unclean people
Best Sport:Billiards
OOC Data
Game:Art of Fighting
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"In battle, one's sex means nothing. Who's left standing is what matters."

One of the most famous people in Southtown, King owns a Bar & Grill known for quality service and good food at reasonable prices. Some would even call it "classy dining on a budget." King is not only the owner of her own establishment, she is also its most talented bouncer, and more than capable of kicking troublemakers out. She used to keep her gender hidden so as to compete in some of the more notable male-only tournaments, but Ryo Sakazaki revealing her secret a few years ago made this a moot point. Far from hating him for this, King instead was impressed with his honest demeanor and reasonably good manners and has taken a veiled romantic interest in him. She fights with her own variant of Muay Thai, which incorporates flips into many techniques, as well as an interesting leg-based chi projectile technique. King loves children, and with only the exception of Kasumi Todo, she utterly refuses to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 in her establishment, though minors are still welcome so long as they stay away from the bar. She also takes excellent care of her younger brother, Jan.

Style:Muay Thai
Signature Move:Venom Strike -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:JUST_DEFENDED -- FORTIFY

Recent Logs

[SNF 2021.08 (Pringer's Birthday Bash)] Pringer's Birthday Bash 2021 - Ten fighters enter the BLITZ MEGAMAZE. Only one can emerge victorious. Chosen by random draw, these combatants will face off against each other for the favour of the mysterious PRINGER X! (An experimental and self-serving event run by Pringer X for their birthday in 2021!) - Log created on 14:17:55 08/09/2021 by Pringer X, and last modified on 09:52:37 09/11/2021. Cast: King, Kairi, Tung Fu Rue, Lynn, Widow, The Astro, I-No, Kokonoe, Platinum, and Titanic Tim.

[SNF 2021.01] SNF: Tiger King of Southtown - Tairyu vs King - With the chaos in Southtown settling down, the matter of promotions have come to the surface. Local businesswoman King is invited to the Mars & Venus club in Southtown by charming entrepreneur Katashi Tairyu. There, was they battle out in a fight to the finish, Tairyu has the opportunity to show off the host side of his club. - Log created on 20:35:34 01/26/2021 by King, and last modified on 22:58:19 01/28/2021. Cast: King and Tairyu.

Mai Vs. King - Christmas Shopping Date - Mai and King agreed to a small gift exchange this year for the Christmas holidays... but also a friendly spar. Silver bells ring and shoppers rush home with their treasures... and get to witness a lovely classy street fight! - Log created on 19:49:43 12/21/2018 by Mai, and last modified on 16:56:25 12/28/2018. Cast: King and Mai.

Catching Up - Mai visits The Illusion Bar to catch-up with her old friend and teammate. Small talk, whiskey sours, and fashion conversation ensues. - Log created on 20:06:30 12/06/2018 by King, and last modified on 00:13:05 12/07/2018. Cast: King and Mai.

[Circuit of Champions] PWF: Worldwide Master - Ken Masters vs King - Taking over the popular tourist attraction, Freemont Street, Las Vegas, Ken Masters and King battle it out for the Worldwide Masters Tier belt. Given the young woman secured the belt only because Kanda would not fight a woman for it, her reign as champion has been shrouded in doubt by fans and fight analysts alike. This battle is more than just a Title Defense... it's a chance to prove that she even belongs here in the first place. And for Ken, rising up from his time as Regional Champion, it's his chance to secure that Worldwide Masters title that his name suggests already belongs to him! - Log created on 23:46:41 01/14/2015 by King, and last modified on 14:37:53 02/08/2015. Cast: King and Ken Masters.

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