Full Name:Kichiga Kyoufumaru
Faction:Justice High
Weight:130 lbs
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Dark brown (Red)
Hair Color:White
Hobbies:Reading, writing, torturing
Personal Treasures:Demon mask
Favorite Food:Sesame crackers
Likes:Emotions, rainy nights
Dislikes:Failure, cats
Best Sport:Full-contact Lacrosse
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Bill Nighy
Theme Song:When You're Evil - Voltaire


"Show me your fears!"

Kichiga Kyoufumaru is not a fighter of any particular note. A well-regarded teacher of a high level Ancient History class at Justice High, Kichiga is known for wise advice, understanding demeanor, and an absolutely unforgiving stance on the importance of one's studies. He is known to have some middling skill with his cane in what he calls 'a touch of the old Bartitsu', but treats it as little more than a hobby. All of this is a carefully constructed lie. The true Kichiga goes by the name Osore no Oni, a masked criminal of strength impossible for a normal person to overcome, a serial torturer who has been in operation for decades. He desires nothing but the creation of fear, a sociopath who has been granted the psychic ability to sense emotions powerfully through taste. Kurow recruited him into his Darkside Student Council after discovering his truth, which has afforded him all the opportunities to indulge his horrific appetites he could desire.

Style:Tools of the Wicked
Signature Move:Phobia -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2014.11] SLAMFEST2014: MEANWHILE, BACKSTAGE... - The best way to get a sociopathic serial torturer to do what you want is to ask him to do something he already kind of wants to do. Osore no Oni, the Demon of Horror, is happy to assist the BWA in their plot to sabotage the CWA, and take a meeting with a schoolgirl that has caught his attention. - Log created on 20:19:05 11/15/2014 by Kichiga, and last modified on 11:48:17 11/16/2014. Cast: Sada and Kichiga.

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