Full Name:Kenzo Kuroiwa
Faction:Justice High
Blood Type:AB-
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"Once my tech rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road."

Kenzo Kuroiwa is a rarity in the current world of martial arts. It's not often that the fighting world sees the combination of the techniques of traditional ninjutsu combined with modern technology. Utilizing gadgets of his own creation to augment his abilities as well as create problems for his opponents. His primary weapon is his kusari-gama which he uses to fight opponents at close and far ranges and his secondary weapon is his tessen for moments when he prefers to be a little more defensive. Anything else he is either wearing or he can get his hands on can be considered dangerous tertiary weapons in his hands. Kenzo eventually wants to show the world that his technological prowess can not only take him to the upper tiers of the fighting world but also make him a major player in technological sector.

Style:Gadgeteer Ninjutsu
Signature Move:Lightning Snare -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY PROJECTILE

Recent Logs

[NFG Season One] Love Can't Protect From Everything - Kenzo and Djamila talk together. Then they have a spar. They thought Kenzo was safe after his match, but no one is safe from injuries... - Log created on 11:10:37 11/28/2023 by Djamila, and last modified on 08:26:49 11/29/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Djamila.

[NFG Season One Finals] Round Three: Kenzo vs Junko - Kenzo the lighting ninja takes on the fiery miko, Junko in the final tournament of the NFG. The violence intensifies and the action heats up in this match to see who should move on. - Log created on 10:04:47 11/21/2023 by Kenzo, and last modified on 18:32:45 11/23/2023. Cast: Mint, Kenzo, Djamila, and Junko.

[NFG Season One] The Greatest Path to Self-Improvement - There are many paths to improve one's skill in martial arts. Some subject themselves to extreme conditions to harden the body. Some find meditation to unlock the powers of the mind and soul. Others... take the express elevator to the vaunted heights of technology. - Log created on 19:39:57 11/15/2023 by Meifeng, and last modified on 20:34:12 11/18/2023. Cast: Mint, ARIA, and Kenzo.

[NFG Season One] Kenzo and Djamila's date - Their first date, where they have good food, and talk about important things. Will there be some faux pas? - Log created on 12:29:38 11/09/2023 by Djamila, and last modified on 16:54:08 11/10/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Djamila.

[NFG Season One Finals] Round Two: Kenzo vs Ayala - NFG brings together two friends and car destruction partners to fight each other in the final tournament of the season. In the end, one person's journey in the tourney continues while the other comes to the end of the line. - Log created on 14:39:00 11/02/2023 by Kenzo, and last modified on 18:12:08 11/04/2023. Cast: Kongou, Kenzo, and Ayala.

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