Blood Type:B+
Nationality:African American
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Video games, creative writing
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


For most of her life Kelly Mason has lived in the shadow of her siblings' success, in part for her own safety. Now, she finally takes her first steps into a larger world. After a life-altering encounter involving darkstalkers, Kelly has been gifted with the power to generate and release psionic energy, and she considers it her mission to master these abilities in the service of good! Since she spent most of her life watching her siblings do great (and sometimes terrible) things, she has dreamed of the day she could join them on a bigger stage. Despite the suffering she has endured she welcomes this opportunity with open arms!

Style:Soft-styled Martial Arts with Psionic Powers
Signature Move:Psionic Burst -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:REFLECT -- DEFLECT

Recent Logs

[Rising Star 2021] Ristar 2021 R1 - Kelly vs Yuri - In the Rising Stars tournament, it's on between Kelly and Yuri. Will Kelly triumph once again? Or will the awesomeness of Kyokugen Karate come out on top? (WINNER: Yuri) - Log created on 18:51:15 03/26/2021 by Yuri, and last modified on 00:15:36 03/27/2021. Cast: Kelly and Yuri.

[SNF 2020.11] SNF: "WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?" - "Let's face it. Relations between humans and darkstalkers aren't doing great. Halloween is a time to remember when we used to celebrate the monstrous and macabre! After all, isn't the werewolf just a symbol of the beast lurking in all of us? The vampire, a reminder of the loneliness of an outsider? The fishman, a... well, who knows?? Well, tonight we're going to celebrate with a match between two not-so-different gals with a vested interest in closing the gap between humans and darkstalkers: Monster Girl Kelly and B B Hood!" - Log created on 20:13:15 03/09/2021 by Bulleta, and last modified on 20:22:51 03/22/2021. Cast: Bulleta and Kelly.

[SNF 2021.01] MC: COULROPHOBIA - "Greetings, fellow minions. I am Red Minion. Tonight we will begin in a little motel and graveyard in Nevada. Having failed to assuage our Mistress Her Inferal Majesty Queen Lyraelle, young martial artist Monster Girl Kelly has been given this opportunity to prove her worth once more by battling fellow feckless fighter Sean 'Vin' Ren. As a foreboding of their future should they fail to perform adequately, they will do battle in a dark room surrounded by clown dolls. The winner will earn their very own pick of said dolls as a souvenir. The loser... will not be able to pick which clown doll they will be receiving." Midnight Channel: Kelly Vs Vin! - Log created on 19:05:59 01/12/2021 by Vin, and last modified on 22:45:34 01/12/2021. Cast: Kelly and Vin.

[SNF 2020.8] Hell's Bells - Kelly vs ???? - Lyraelle says: "We're here, minions~ It's time for the Midnight Channel's Dark Heart debut! And what venue could possibly be epic enough to host the kind of monstrous mayhem you've tuned in to see, you may wonder? Well, how about a totally /epic/ cathedral?! When the bells in this bell tower ring for midnight, you'll know that it's time for some pulse-pounding bloodshed! And what mystery opponent have I lined up for our very first darkstalker guinea pi- I mean, brand new talent, Kelly Mason? Well, I'm sure that just because she happens to be one of the only fighters to beat me on live broadcast doesn't mean I'd pick a scary opponent for her out of spite! Winky face~" - Log created on 10:52:47 07/30/2020 by Kelly, and last modified on 14:44:36 09/10/2020. Cast: Daniel and Kelly.

[SNF 2020.5] SNF: Soldiers of Fortune - The Shinsekai District was once regarded at the most dangerous part of Osaka. Now? It's a shopaholic's paradise. And just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, with bargains up both the ying and the yang. And what better way to influence the street-side sales than world-famous celebrity Lyraelle. Backing her up is the duo of Lilith and Kelly, double Darkstalkers that will gang on up the charming dominator. As an added bonus, all three will all have to highlight the high quality bargains around the open air market as they fight! - Log created on 20:03:29 05/16/2020 by Lyraelle, and last modified on 05:07:36 05/17/2020. Cast: Lilith, Kelly, and Lyraelle.

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