Full Name:Keith Walker
Height:198cm (6'6")
Weight:110kg (242 lbs)
Blood Type:B
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:???
Hobbies:Watching sports
Personal Treasures:A coin with attached memories
Favorite Food:Fast food
Likes:Stray animals
Dislikes:His Psycho Power
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Tyrese Gibson
Theme Song:"Short 01" - Galerians: RION ~ Original Soundtrack


"You know, maybe some people don't want to be found."

Keith Walker was just another underground thug kidnapped and used as an experiment for one of NESTS's secret projects. He was designated as "Farseer #1F4". His awakening resulted in him breaking out of the lab, marking him was a experiment to be purged. Keith is never the type to remain in one place; in one moment he is there, the next moment he is gone. While generally sullen and serious demeanor, he has a warm side. Keith is an accomplished street boxer from the underground tournament days, often patient in his fights. All what he wants to do is to keep his newly developed powers at bay and try to regain the memories that he lost while avoiding possible death from an organization seeking to capture/kill him or melting down by the same powers that he never asked for.

Style:Street Boxing + Experimental Psycho Power
Signature Move:Fortune Favors the Bold -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

Twilight Star Challenge 6 - Keith! - This next match goes over the story of Mizuho, who has to overcome the Fire Dancer. Keith volunteers into the event, but what was meant to be a simple participation ended up a deeper dive into an uncomfortable subject for the amnesiac boxer. - Log created on 07:00:07 12/26/2015 by Keith, and last modified on 15:46:50 01/02/2016. Cast: Honoka and Keith.

[Neo League 0064] NL#0067: Keith vs Ryu - The CWA has the honor of hosting a Neo League match to the league newcomer - but highly accomplished - Ryu. His opponent, Keith Walker, a street boxer of mysterious origins. The two are host to a battle that brings both to the brink... but what that brink actually entails, the other would not have immediately suspected from the onset... - Log created on 10:31:33 11/25/2015 by Ryu, and last modified on 19:35:37 12/08/2015. Cast: Ryu and Keith.

Friendship is... A Captive Audience. - With Keith engaged in the long, slow process of recovery, Dash has worked hard to help him get back on his feet. Now, the pair engage in a discussion about what drives the brightly-colored Friendship Warrior on her path! There can be only one horribly inevitable conclusion... - Log created on 07:28:28 03/06/2015 by D. Dash, and last modified on 09:30:04 03/06/2015. Cast: Keith and D. Dash.

Friendship is... Clean Bandages. - In the first steps on her quest for world peace, D. Dash somehow winds up in Hong Kong, where she discovers a filthy hobo in a backalley -- wait no, that's KEITH! The renegade fighter has been badly brutalized and looks like he needs a helping hoof. Who better to offer support than Dashing Dash?! - Log created on 07:51:32 03/01/2015 by D. Dash, and last modified on 09:21:27 03/01/2015. Cast: Keith and D. Dash.

[SNF 2015.02] SNF: Three Cherries - At the upper reaches of the Diamond Dragon Casino, the mysterious fighter known as Kamon makes his return and puts forth a challenge toward Armor King and Keith: give him a worthy fight. Fate seems to favor the cautious teamwork of the two impromptu team mates over the Psycho Master's hubris, but will they managed to withstand his power once properly unleashed? - Log created on 20:06:18 02/27/2015 by Vega, and last modified on 00:44:36 03/01/2015. Cast: Vega, Armor King, and Keith.

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