Full Name:Katsuro Kirikawa
Faction:Novus Orbis Librarium
Blood Type:YES?
Eye Color:Amber
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Date of Birth:December 7th
Hobbies:Relaxing, partying, cutting things up
Personal Treasures:The Nameless Sword
Favorite Food:Bloody steak
Likes:Cutting Things up
Dislikes:Boring stuff
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"It's fine if I cut this guy up, right?"

Private First Class Kirikawa is a bit of an oddity, as far as NOL operatives go. When not directly on duty, he seems much too care-free and easy-going, and even when working, acting in a formal and proper manner is not high on his priorities. He even makes the effort of getting along with civilians. However, those who hear more well-kept rumors about NOL, and many of Librarium's own personnel hear of a different side of Katsuro Kirikawa. The instant he is given an order, he is perfectly happy to follow it, no matter how questionable the nature of it might be -- particularly if he is tasked with taking down someone or something. He's already gathered a measure of infamy among the ranks as someone who has gone a bit too far when engaging in combat with his wild, acrobatic swordsmanship and blood magic channeled through his sword. As a result, he tends to be bounced frequently in between postings and commanding officers, and depending on who you ask he is viewed either as a beast too unreliable to be counted on without supervision, or an attack dog that can be easily called on for dirty work.

Style:Bloodhound Kenjutsu
Signature Move:Laughing Hound -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

[SNF 2021.09] MC: THE FACULTY - Katsuro has heard rumours of a leopard being spotted on the school premises at night and is determined to investigate. Armed with a camera and his sword, he manages to track down Shina. However, it seems like the shifter has no intention of letting her secret be discovered. - Log created on 19:18:50 09/27/2021 by Shina, and last modified on 13:05:43 10/03/2021. Cast: Katsuro and Shina.

Pawn checks King, King takes Pawn - The Second King of Illyria makes an unofficial visit to Japan to extradite an informant... who also happens to have a warrant set on him by NOL. Surely there is no way in which this could have negative consequences. - Log created on 21:40:38 08/15/2021 by Katsuro, and last modified on 22:50:23 08/16/2021. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Katsuro.

[SNF 2021.07] MC: TERROR FROM THE DEEP - After reports of a seemingly aquatic Darkstalker assaulting the Sandy Cove resort, both enterprising fisherman Banyu and NOL soldier Katsuro respond; which is precisely what the monstrous fighter hoped for! How many tentacles is TOO many tentacles?! - Log created on 15:46:15 07/02/2021 by Masaru, and last modified on 17:18:32 07/07/2021. Cast: Masaru, Banyu, and Katsuro.

Between a magazine rack and a hard place - Tsinghua minds his own business in a convenience store, only to be ambushed by an eccentric investigator from NOL with many questions of varying uncomfortability! - Log created on 13:20:39 06/19/2021 by Katsuro, and last modified on 18:53:00 06/19/2021. Cast: Tsinghua and Katsuro.

An Ounce of Pride - A NOL soldier has been arrested! And for some reason none of the NOL officers had wanted to stroll on down to the precinct to pick up bad boy PFC Kirikawa. But lo and behold, in strolls the optimistic Lieutenant from the Shanghai branch -- she'll take on any job, right? - Log created on 20:17:20 06/16/2021 by Meifeng, and last modified on 14:17:21 06/18/2021. Cast: Meifeng and Katsuro.

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