Full Name:Kaede Mayuzumi
Blood Type:
Eye Color:Gray
Hair Color:Dark Cerulean
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Game:Original Character
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A fighter from Southtown, Kaede Mayuzumi gained some fame as a teenage prodigy in the battle ring several years ago. Her skills attracted the attention of the master of Shunpatsuryokuken, Koichi Hayashi, who she accepted training with. Training with him only increased her skill and success - until his sudden unexplained death. Retreating from the public eye for months, Kaede is making her explosive return as a master of Shunpatsuryokuken, having improved herself in the time since Koichi's death. Kaede is an intense individual who has almost obsessively trained since she was a young teenager to achieve her dream of becoming a top fighter. Her intensity - especially when she gets into a fight - conceals a lust for violence and power that is the true reason that Koichi Hayashi never trained her in his most prized techniques... and why she stole them after his death, something she has never admitted to another living soul.

Style:Shunpatsuryokuken Secret Arts
Signature Move:Gemini Flare -- ENERGY PROJECTILE

Recent Logs

[Killer Instinct] [KI:Round 3] THE DEVIL'S CHOICE - Brandon's been busy. The battles and his investigations are leaving him with a chilling idea; that fighters are being kidnapped in the field, and are being moved towards nefarious ends. Further information recovered suggests that even his own contacts may be compromised--his client is no longer answering his calls, and recovered information about the contact he received about the burial site in Japan leads back to Ultratech facilities, conveniently the site of his next battle, and where several fighters are being kept in hospitality suites. As Mint breaks into one of the secured upper levels of the facility they're being housed in to get ahold of some of Ultratech's advancements, Brandon only really has to follow and see what he can confirm. Quite seperately, Kaede comes to her quarters to find a bouquet of flowers, with a small and insidious spider-like device that attaches to the skin. Her next battle is Brandon and Mint both, in the R&D Lab, a slightly unfair battle in operations she's quickly becoming accustomed to. But that small device is an invitation, representing power. Power.. and servitude. On it is an engraving: Evolve, or die. - Log created on 18:00:18 09/03/2015 by Kaede, and last modified on 18:50:50 09/10/2015. Cast: Kaede, Mint, and Brandon.

[Killer Instinct] [KI:Round 2] BLOODSTAINED FLOOR - Making her way aboard as a replacement for her deceased master of the Shunpatsu Ryokuken style, the cutthroat Kaede understands more than most the sacrifices one has to make to get what they want. However, she's managed to get a ride to Europe in a containment cell, a specialty ship made for transporting a very important combat asset that was in Southtown on an unseen mission. The smell inside the ship is horrific, and because of the opaque glass walls, it's hard to tell exactly what is being transported. As far as Kaede is aware, she was assigned a bye in the tournament. But there's no such thing in real life. A cascade of screams flood the interior of the ship. There is the sound of gunfire, and the scent of charred flesh. A fire breaks out, and blood sprays across the glass. As an internal suppression system kicks in, you might realize, with some concern, that getting into the tournament is going to be harder than expected. - Log created on 21:49:44 08/26/2015 by Kaede, and last modified on 20:03:37 09/01/2015. Cast: Kaede and Riptor.

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