Weight:170 lbs
Blood Type:AB+
Nationality:A MYSTERY
Hometown:WHO KNOWS
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:White
Date of Birth:SOME DATE
Hobbies:Anything motorcycle-related, karaoke, collecting sunglasses... it's a work in progress
Personal Treasures:Sunglasses, probably
Likes:Not much outside of beef jerky
Dislikes:King of Fighters tournaments, sweets, people in general
Love Interests:Nadda
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Currently Played
Voice Actor:Yuuki Matsuda
Theme Song:The Running Free - Coheed & Cambria, Before - Infected Mushroom


"Everyone wants it, but there's no shortcut to freedom."

K' was one of the original projects of NESTS organization, collected as a child and altered from his original state of being. Originally with another name and a completely different destiny, K' and his sister were separated and trained for two different paths in life; Whip trained from a youngling to be an elite special operative and K', something wholly other. Some would argue he's no longer a person of substance, but a machine, programmed with a killer instinct and Kyo Kusanagi's DNA. He was ultimately a failed experiment, for even though he was infused with the flames of the Kusanagi, it wasn't entirely complete. This rendered him unable to control the flames and in need of a special glove to help wield them properly. To this day, despite his run-ins with NESTS and it's operatives, K' has managed to keep his own destruction at bay, and despite forever wearing the mark of a failed Kyo/Krizalid clone, he refuses to give in to being little more than that. Carrying with him a not-so-obvious self-loathing, K' sometimes tries to ignore his complex emotions by reacting violently.

Style:Pure Violence
Signature Move:Crow Bite -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

NOL Bounty Data

Class: BBounty: $75,000.00
WANTED ALIVE Known augmented human with direct ties to the NESTS Cartel. Capture and detain for debriefing and incarceration.

Recent Logs

The One Running Free - In the dingy labyrinth of Southtown's shadowy alleys, Potemkin, a colossus of might, clashes with an unlikely pair already in the midst of battle. The air crackles with an impending storm as K', driven by desperation, implores Kula to team-up to better their odds against such a tremendous 'foe'. Will they emerge victorious, or is it time for K' to pay the price of freedom? - Log created on 21:17:32 07/06/2022 by K', and last modified on 05:47:08 11/16/2023. Cast: Kula, K', and Potemkin.

Burnin' Winter Nights - K' is simply relaxing and minding his own business - which naturally means its time for Abigail to dispense with some words of wisdom! Naturally fists and fire start flying. - Log created on 17:08:33 12/07/2021 by Abigail, and last modified on 22:47:03 01/06/2022. Cast: K' and Abigail.

General File, 05.62151.345.1.06 - Barring a small cover up operation we had to run, the results from the cartel assessment protocols were as expected. The boy is a renegade, and still young yet in both mind and talent. The fire he wields is potentially devastating, but he chooses to remain isolated with great fervor. In my estimation, this means that there is no great impetus to take advantage of his situation, and it may be more productive to our interests to leave him at large. We can always re-assess later and enact involuntary protocols as deemed required. - Log created on 18:00:21 05/24/2021 by Magi, and last modified on 03:50:55 06/14/2021. Cast: K' and Magi.

[KOF 2019] Finals - Heavy Metal Burning vs USA Sports Team - In the final round of this year's King of Fighters, Heavy Metal Burnin' squares off with the USA Sports Team for the title and glory. Things get hot. Stuff gets burnt. (Winner: Heavy Metal Burnin'). - Log created on 17:08:31 10/20/2019 by K', and last modified on 09:01:50 06/30/2020. Cast: K', Johnny Cage, and Bang.

[KOF 2019] Semifinal 1 - Women's Team vs Heavy Meatl Burnin' - Mai and Makoto of the Women's Team come up against the Beast of Flame in an all-out throwdown in the Slammasters Arena to decide one of KoF2k19's two finalist teams! - Log created on 17:42:54 09/21/2019 by K', and last modified on 19:49:19 10/01/2019. Cast: K', Makoto Nanaya, and Mai.

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