Game: King of Fighters '99
Faction: Independent
Team: Independent
Profile: K' was one of the original projects of NESTS organization, collected as a child and altered from his original state of being. Originally with another name and a completely different destiny, K' and his sister were separated and trained for two different paths in life; Whip trained from a youngling to be an elite special operative and K', something wholly other. Some would argue he's no longer a person of substance, but a machine, programmed with a killer instinct and Kyo Kusanagi's DNA. He was ultimately a failed experiment, for even though he was infused with the flames of the Kusanagi, it wasn't entirely complete. This rendered him unable to control the flames and in need of a special glove to help wield them properly. To this day, despite his run-ins with NESTS and it's operatives, K' has managed to keep his own destruction at bay, and despite forever wearing the mark of a failed Kyo/Krizalid clone, he refuses to give in to being little more than that. Carrying with him a not-so-obvious self-loathing, K' sometimes tries to ignore his complex emotions by reacting violently.
Style: Pure Violence
Signature Move: Claw Bites -- PHYSICAL ENERGY

OOC Data



Gender: Male
Age: 16-18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 143 lbs.
BloodType: ??
Nationality: ??
Hometown: ??
EyeColor: Light Brown
HairColor: White
Wins: 3 Losses: 4 Ties: 0
Neo League Points/Fights: 2.0/1

Fight History

Win Master Championship [R1] Sakura vs K' Sep 15, 2004
Loss Master Championship [R3] Geese vs K' Sep 24, 2004
Loss SNF 2004.10 Guy vs K' Oct 01, 2004
Loss SNF 2005.06 K' vs Cammy, CA:Akira Jun 25, 2005
Win SNF 2005.07 Benimaru vs K' (CA:Vanessa) Jul 09, 2005
Loss SNF 2006.09 Error? Shenwoo vs Bison vs K' Sep 30, 2006
Win Neo League 040-049 #291: K' vs Dan Oct 13, 2006