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Game:Guilty Gear
Status:Available for Apps
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Signature Move:Michael Sword -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] Act 3: Mission 1) Justice for All - Justice waits at Mt. Fuji, ready for the people of Southtown to decide between salvation and nuclear fire. But a familiar face has returned instead. Armed with the Ikari Warriors Leona and Heidern, Sol faces off against Justice once more. But the Gear Commander is a wily opponent, and has learned much from her experiences with Igniz and Sol. Rather than fighting them together, the Gear will divide and conquer, separating and picking off the defenders of humanity one by one, spreading them over the sacred Mountain of Japan... before delivering the coup de grace against the last stand of humanity. - Log created on 19:44:05 12/02/2017 by Justice, and last modified on 15:02:47 12/16/2017. Cast: Heidern, Sol Badguy, Justice, and Leona.

[KOF 2017] In God We Trust - The United Nation base in China is under attack, by the one and only lovable Igniz. Unfortunately for both mankind and godkind alike, this particular base houses not only a gear army, but the leader of the army, Justice. But such nuclear arsenals are okay for Igniz, as the god in waiting has a point to make... - Log created on 00:39:47 10/13/2017 by Justice, and last modified on 17:10:54 10/20/2017. Cast: Igniz and Justice.

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 27 - Rememberance - It began at noon. When the nuclear pillar erupted over Mt. Fuji, Sol Badguy could stop and see the future of Japan unfold. The depravity of the United Nations. Lies, betrayals, and finally, the lust for power. There are few able to stop the madness from escalating. Sol Badguy is one of those few, his past mired with Justice's own. He had one goal: to stop a monster from being unleashed on the world. To stop a weapon from being unleashed. And finally, to try and find any spark of humanity, any memory to drag her back. He knows. He remembers. - Log created on 17:23:30 10/10/2017 by Sol Badguy, and last modified on 21:56:43 10/26/2017. Cast: Sol Badguy and Justice.

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