Full Name:Junko Daidoji
Height:5'3" (160cm)
Weight:102 lbs (46kg)
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Mt. Fuji
Eye Color:Crimson
Hair Color:White
Hobbies:Playing the bamboo flute (shakuhachi), Walking through the woods, Trying new foods, Brooding
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"I went through my darkest times alone. So, sorry if I act like I don't need anyone."

As the sole heir and scion of the ancient Daidoji clan, Junko was meant for great things. She was given the best of everything her kin had to offer - food, clothing, education, martial training - whatever she needed, and often whatever she wanted, were provided in order to ensure that the young miko would one day be prepared to take over as new head of the clan. However, a terrible mistake committed by a young and foolish Junko saw that future burned to ash. Now little more than a pariah among her own clan, the girl has turned to the outside world in order to seek her future. At first glance, Junko appears to most as little more than a rude and foul-tempered brat with a chip on her shoulder and an axe to grind with everyone she meets. And second glance. Aaaand, third. But, buried somewhere underneath the layers of rage and spite is a girl desperately seeking redemption and purpose - no matter the cost.

Style:Furious Phoenix Style Kung-fu
Signature Move:Hou-ou Shoten Ha -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:IMBUED-CHI -- NOVA

Recent Logs

[NFG Season Two] RTZI: Welcome to (New) Zack Island - Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship... o/~ A three hour tour goes awry when an excited group of NFG fighters is confronted by a spectre of the past. They soon find themselves stranded on the island with no clear means to communicate to the outside world and warnings of trials to come. Bienvenida a la Isla Zaca. - Log created on 09:07:46 05/08/2024 by Pringer X, and last modified on 11:41:37 05/22/2024. Cast: Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, Junko, Sarah, Braun, Buck, Ishida, Homura, Max, Roxana, and Tanwen.

Phoenix Rising - For weeks, no one bothered to respond to the apparent rebirth of an old Japanese deity in the body of a young miko despite her very public apotheosis. It was starting to look to Suzaku like she wasn't being taken seriously. When at last someone shows up on her doorstep to issue challenge, it isn't the sort of response she expected to receive... - Log created on 05:37:42 01/08/2024 by Junko, and last modified on 08:06:33 01/11/2024. Cast: Katsuro and Junko.

[NFG Season One] It's An NFG Holiday Party, Charlie Brown! - An amazing festive celebration of the end of NFG, involving the biggest and the most bombastic of holiday cheer! Who could possibly show up?! What guests will the spirit of the season bring?! - Log created on 16:10:39 12/24/2023 by Kongou, and last modified on 17:38:17 01/06/2024. Cast: Vega, Mint, Abigail, Kongou, Daisuke, Kenzo, Hawksley, Djamila, Chevy, Junko, Sarah, Braun, and Buck.

[NFG Season One Finals] Round Four: Djamila vs Junko - Junko and Djamila fights. Neither seems to be in a nice mood. The fight ends, but it's only the beginning of real troubles. - Log created on 07:11:19 12/04/2023 by Djamila, and last modified on 06:59:05 12/06/2023. Cast: Mint, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, and Junko.

[NFG Season One Finals] Round Three: Kenzo vs Junko - Kenzo the lighting ninja takes on the fiery miko, Junko in the final tournament of the NFG. The violence intensifies and the action heats up in this match to see who should move on. - Log created on 10:04:47 11/21/2023 by Kenzo, and last modified on 18:32:45 11/23/2023. Cast: Mint, Kenzo, Djamila, and Junko.

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