Height:5'4" (163cm)
Weight:108lbs (49 kg)
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Strawberry Blonde
Date of Birth:June 10
Favorite Food:Pudding
Likes:World Domination
Dislikes:Resistant or Impudent People
Best Sport:Wintersport Pentathlon
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


The partner of Juli, Juni is one of the most effective of the Dolls. Though she lacks the flair at command that Juli possesses, she is nonetheless one of the most vital aspects to Vega's squadron. Juni, like the other Dolls, was abducted by Vega and subjected to genetic experiments. These not only infused her with Vega's very soul, but made her the perfect killing machine for his special squadron. Unlike her partner and best friend, Juli, she has a great deal of human emotion left in her, but is valued for her ability to keep a level head under even the most extreme circumstances. Though she looks up to Juli as a leader and confidant, Juni is actually the second strongest of all Dolls, possessing nearly as much Psycho Power as Cammy.

Style:Shadaloo Elite Special Forces Training
Signature Move:Cannon Spike -- PHYSICAL ENERGY


*Bubbles rise in the fluid of the tanks*

Ah Subject GRMX-06...
You have developed into one of our most advanced specimens...
The only question left is wether your mind has fully accepted your new psyche.
Any remnant of your past life would be unacceptable...

*The fluid drains from the tank as she coughs. The uniform she is given to wear fits like a glove*

For example, Do you remember where you were born or where you grew up?
Do you remember christmas mornings...
childhood friends?


Certainly you must remember things like your first kiss...
leaving home for the first time...
your family?



=Germany, A snowy manor=



The police gave up, but we never did! We knew you'd come back!
What happened? where have you been? whats wrong...? Why wont you say something...?


Juni is the 6th member of the Dolls, Twelve 16 year old girls kidnapped from around the word and experimented on to become Vegas personal assassins and bodyguards. The Dolls are reputedly completely loyal, emotionless and deadly.

Supposedly Junis brainwashing is the most complete of all the Dolls during her first mission, ordered by Vega to test her loyalty, she is to murder her own family. She accomplished her mission flawlessly. Juni is actually the second strongest of all Dolls, possessing nearly as much Psycho Power as Cammy but deferent to Juli for her strong leadership and flair for command.

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