Full Name:Juliet Pope
Blood Type:Red
Eye Color:Red
Hair Color:
Date of Birth:April 12th
Personal Treasures:Wings
Favorite Food:Haggis
Dislikes:Heavy Metal Music
Best Sport:Caber Toss
Love Interests:The Mat
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Yuko Miyamura
Theme Song:Let it Be - The Beatles:


"I'm not done yet! I can still win... I just need a miracle!"

Juliet Pope, also known by her nickname as The Boxing Angel, is an up-and-coming boxer and prize-fighter from Scotland with a reputation for flamboyance and her elaborate costume - which includes a pair of angelic wings. Although only sixteen years old, and yet to get even a single notable win under her belt, Juliet has fast become a fan-favourite because of her unrelenting determination, commitment to the sport, and willingness to step into the ring against anyone no matter how outmatched she might appear (or actually be). However, Juliet's fighting career covers for an unhappy home life. With the ring as her escape from the abusive adoptive parents she is still legally bound to, Juliet fights to earn the money and fame she prays will one day earn her freedom. She has also begun to manifest startling powers that she doesn't quite understand; a strength in her soul which she hopes will guide her towards salvation... but which could just as easily lead to her damnation.

Signature Move:Heavenly Cross -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

Recent Logs

[Neo League 0165] NL#0185: Juliet vs Roland - While Juliet's rising popularity gets her a big crowd, Roland quickly makes them despite him in this furious waterpark battle. - Log created on 01:28:07 05/25/2021 by Roland, and last modified on 06:38:25 05/25/2021. Cast: Roland and Juliet.

[Neo LEague 0165] NL#181: Juliet vs Tsugumi Sendo - In Southtown Park, Juliet and Tsugumi Sendo clash - two girls with a lot of heart and a desire to prove to the world that they have what it takes to compete at the highest levels! Neither of them may quite be there yet, but each finds in the other a kindred spirit, and neither is prepared to back down! Who will triumph, the Boxing Angel, or Gorin High's own shoot wrestling fanatic?! - Log created on 13:12:34 05/17/2021 by Juliet, and last modified on 16:44:48 05/17/2021. Cast: Tsugumi Sendo and Juliet.

[Neo League 0165] NL#0179: Juliet vs Donovan - Hot off the heels of her crushing defeat at the hands of Upsilon, Juliet takes on the stoic monk Donovan. A man who has yet to make any kind of entrance on the fighting stage, who will emerge victorious in the clash of monk versus angel?! - Log created on 02:54:43 05/15/2021 by Juliet, and last modified on 13:06:29 05/15/2021. Cast: Donovan and Juliet.

[Neo League 0165] NL#0177: Upsilon vs Juliet - NESTs has determined, with scientific precision, the easiest possible way for their fighter to make a dramatic splash in the Neo League (and earn a large number of points in the early season to boot). But can science beat passion and heart?! - Log created on 14:34:10 05/14/2021 by Juliet, and last modified on 17:15:36 05/14/2021. Cast: Upsilon and Juliet.

[Neo League 0165] NL#0173: Juliet vs Tarmo - Meeting on the street after an enforced break from her trials within the Neo League, Juliet is eager to get back up to fighting fitness against Tarmo! The bearish Finn enters with a bright attitude and sticky fingers, but can his greater size, reach and experience match up to The Boxing Angel and her boundless spirit?! - Log created on 12:55:49 05/07/2021 by Juliet, and last modified on 18:07:20 05/07/2021. Cast: Tarmo, Kongou, Dennis, and Juliet.

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