Full Name:Jin Kazama
Faction:Justice High
Height:5'10" (180cm)
Weight:165 lbs (75kg)
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Forest Bathing.
Favorite Food:Family Dinners
Likes:His Mother's Teachings, Motorcycles, Quiet.
Dislikes:Deception, Ogre.
Best Sport:Karate
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:

Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama is the son of Tekken Tournament fighter Jun Kazama. He has no memories of his father, having had his mother take him away to live quietly in a remote part of Japan, safe from the worries of the world. His mother instilled in him the skills of Kazama-style self-defence. On his fifteenth birthday he was told of his connection with the Mishima family; only later learning more of his father Kazuya Mishima and he and his Grandfathers two generations of terrible deeds. His mother instructed him as a boy that if anything should happen to her that he should seek out his Grandfather. Despite premonitions something bad would happen he promised her that he would do as she asked. Shortly afterwards his mother disappeared mysteriously at the same time as a catastrophic house fire. Sent on with the goodwill of his relatives at the Kazama dojo, he travelled across Japan to meet his Grandfather for the first time. He was taken in by Heihachi Mishima who began to train him in the 'superior' Mishima-style Karate. Being a Mishima means less to Jin than the treasured memories of living with his mother. He has chosen to honor her memory by keeping her name.

Style:Kazama-Style Self Defense
Signature Move:Ultimate Punches -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] Act 3: Mission 15) Nancy Boys - Jin vs Sub-Zero - Heihachi is not alone; as one of the richest men in the world, he has uncountable resources to drive off his attackers. One such resource is a powerful weapon, resting within the secret labs hidden right in the heart of Southtown. With the people becoming more belligerent, Jin has been entrusted to mobilize the secret weapon of Mishima: NANCY-MI847J. Before it can be deployed, however, the UN moves to intercept. Using their most powerful assassin, Sub-Zero is unleashed to eliminate the concealed site holding the infamous secret project of Mishima. And if Jin cannot defend the site, Heihachi's plans for support will be left on ice. Outcome: Sub-Zero wins, Heihachi is forced to use a prototype model of NANCY-MI847J, which is weaker. - Log created on 15:49:26 11/13/2017 by Jin Kazama, and last modified on 02:59:46 11/18/2017. Cast: Jin Kazama and Sub-Zero.

Kin of Iron Fists - Southtown dissolving into propaganda filled mass of infighting, dissidence and civil unrest not even the mighty Mishima Zaibatsu can suppress. Opponents who threaten the stability the Zaibatsu upset this hope for a free Japan in the limited window of time to work and a peaceful future free of the UN's Gear menace is slipping through mighty fingers. Enemies have appeared on every front and not even the benevolent actions of Japans greatest and most selfless benefactor! (and his family) can stem the tide. It's enough to weary any mortal men. - Log created on 23:15:39 11/12/2017 by Jin Kazama, and last modified on 02:00:37 11/18/2017. Cast: Heihachi and Jin Kazama.

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 31) Hell To Pay - Jin vs Duke - After his conversation with the mysterious sage Frei, Jin Kazama has made his choice to confront Lee Chaolan, Heihachi, everyone who has brought Japan into this state of madness. Unfortunately for Jin, Duke is looking for answers too. With his opponents gone, and the tournament on hold, the crime boss has come to the Zaibatsu headquarters for answers, just like Jin. Unlike Jin, the crime boss has no restraint; he will get his victory, no matter who he must break to reach the end of the Mishima legacy. - Log created on 16:24:34 10/17/2017 by Jin Kazama, and last modified on 23:28:44 10/24/2017. Cast: Duke and Jin Kazama.

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 11 -- The Shining Path - With his family in the midst of a public war with the United Nations, Jin Kazama is left with a moderately peaceful shelter. Only relatively; the schools are in the midsts of tearing themselves apart over But Jin cannot be expected to be tangled in conflict between his family and the world, can he? The question is brought to him by a mysterious sage, a wandering figure with a strange past. There is guidance in conflict; there is conflict in guidance. But Jin must see the paths that lay before him, and his must choose not only his future, but the future of the world itself. - Log created on 20:06:27 09/19/2017 by Frei, and last modified on 19:55:48 09/21/2017. Cast: Frei and Jin Kazama.

[SNF 2016.06] SNF: Jin vs Jeremiah/Mila in Mishima Beach Party! - As part of a Mishima tradition, the Zaibatsu hosts an open beach party right at Okinawa. But with only one catch. And that catch is sexy swimsuits, and fighting. Per this tradition, there must be a champion of men, and a champion of women. For the men? Jeremiah has to be sporting his own sexy swimsuit, in showing off his full cowboy goodness for all the ladies. And for the manly men? Mila will be sporting her own sexy sporty swimsuit model. And Jin? - Log created on 20:05:38 06/15/2016 by Jin Kazama, and last modified on 22:21:46 06/20/2016. Cast: Jin Kazama, Mila, and Jeremiah.

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