Full Name:Jezebel Faiblesse
Blood Type:
Hometown:Hong Kong
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Mousey Brown
Date of Birth:"July Fourth"
Hobbies:Watching her movies, Abstaining
Personal Treasures:Officially Signed Autograph From Lightning Spangles Herself
Favorite Food:Baconators
Likes:American Things, Patriotism, Chasity, Children
Best Sport:Baseball, the All American Sport
Love Interests:The Hoedown Dillo
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Joe Purdy - Dead End Kids


When Jezebel courted with forces of darkness, she eventually received her final judgement: ultimately killed by the woman she thought was her lover and friend. With the actress dead and buried in an unmarked grave out in the Mexican desert, that should be the end of her story. And yet, the spirit of Lightning Spangles remains. A new Spangles, blonde haired and bright eyed, has emerged from the criminal empire of the Scarlet Dahlia. Superficially Jezebel, at least on the surface, was originally the former NOL operative Lucile Belle, her mind irreversibly twisted when she fell into the clutches of the NESTS. After being rescued by the Scarlet Dahlia, she has carried the mantle and memories of Lightning Spangles, with unrelenting loyalty. The presence of a new Lightning Spangles has hardly invited cheers of delight for even her most hardcore fans. For what that is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die. But when even in this inevitable oblivion, the Spangles spirit endures, it is only a harbinger of a even more sinister evil.

Style:Tae Kwon Do
Signature Move:Where Eagles Dare -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE


Part 1) The Early Days

Jezebel Faiblesse was born in Montreal, Quebec to her construction worker of a father and her stay at home mother. At the age of 8, her mother and father divorced due to her mother's mental health issues. Jezebel, who was close to her mother, was devastated, as was her own father. By the age of nine, her mother committed suicide by overdose. After the funeral, he and her father left Quebec, and moved to Michigan. Drifting from job to job, her father masked her pain by the downward spiral of her wife through alcoholism. While he wasn't abusive to Jezebel, he was neglectful, and the tattered remains of the family grew up in broken poverty.

Drifting from town to town, Jezebel never truly fit into school, and her missing mother and drunk of a father greatly ashamed her. What was worse, because of the irregularity of her fatherís employment, the family was always on the brink of poverty. The only luxury that she kept throughout her life was studying Tae Kwon Do, which began at the age of 5. While her training was very irregular after her mother died, she still found the martial art a great tool to connect with her new community, as well as meet new faces.

As she grew into junior high, she had begun to develop a talent to mask her embarrassment of her family, Jezebel took to boasting about her family, weaving great stories of what her family came from in Canada, where her mother really went, and what her father was doing with his life. While her lies would eventually be found out one way or another, her warm, outgoing personality still drew her a wide circle of friends for the brief period of time she remained in the school. It was through these stories that Jezebel began to enter the world of drama.

By the time High School came around, Jezebel took to theater. Finding that entertaining people brought meaning to her life. What he particularly enjoyed was entertaining children, who adored her boastful, often wild stories. When Disney put out a call for auditions, Jezebel took up the offer cheerfully. It was part of this role where she began to develop into the school of Tae Kwon Do; as Cody was part of a Tae Kwon Do school; Jezebel needed to learn at least some of the basic skill when playing against the lead of Thatís So Cody.

While the pay was not significant, it was higher than what her father could earn in construction, the pair moved to Hollywood, California so she can take part in the production. A step above a mere extra, she played the drawling classmate of the protagonist, Cody, in the show. Truly a young, teenage Southern Belle for the role, she developed a surprisingly endearing air of Dixie class, despite her French-Canadian background. She soon became a cult character of the fair banal show, bringing both a blend of martial art talent and wild presence. In many ways, she took a Disney assembly-line production and made it into a performance of a lifetime. Jezebel, even this early in her career, proved that she truly poured her heart in a role.

Unfortunately, her fatherís alcoholism and poor money management skills were a spoiler for the young lady. What revenues she gained usually ended back to purchasing liquor, and now that she was the family breadwinner, she grew to resent her father. The two began to openly fight, Jezebel being disgusted with her father, and her father being defensive about his drinking habits. The two would never reconcile, and when she finally reached the age of 18, she broke away from her father, and set out on her own into the world of acting.

Act 2) The Disney Years
While that show would be canceled by her 18th birthday, her bright personality and eager attitude wouldnít leave her out of the limelight long. Keeping with the Disney core, she kept a trifecta of talents that made her a versatile actor within the company: Natural charm on the camera, a talent and attitude that let her be open to a wide range of roles, and a great voice. Even when she wasn't Jezebel was a popular speaking role extra to toss into any production; no matter how bizarre or unusual, she would take the role with a smile. She even had some brief forays into voice acting for some of the up and coming Disney shows. However, with the break away from her father, her drinking problems did not let up.

Her cult personality reached the ears of Disney executives, and she soon found herself connected to supporting role after supporting role. She even lent her voice to the animated show Farm On The Range, the spin-off series to the hit movie Home On The Range. She played Jesse, a clear homage to the Toy Story 2 character, which John Lasseter also produced. Once again, her character was a niche hit, with her bright, bubbly voice work endearing animation fans outside the target demographic. She continued with the show's run, well up to her 21st birthday, when the show wasn't renewed for a 2nd season. Unfortunately, now of legal age, she began to become more open about her drinking, and soon started to adapt a party lifestyle outside of the soundstage.

Her big break out, however, came in the early morning children lineup. Due to her bright personality, she ultimately drew out the 5-11 year old girl crowd. Jezebel was a inspiration to young girls, and for some reason, the 18-35 year old male demographic. After constant pressure and sucking up with the executives at Disney, she finally got her opportunity to star in Jezebel's Show-Up Hoe-Down, an early-morning children's show on the Disney Channel. A variety show aimed at her prize young girl demographic, it starred a prototypical Lightning Spangles. Jezebel took the role of a cheery cowgirl, similar to her voice-acting role on Farm On The Range. Using her name of Jezebel, she ran a series of western-themed skits, using children in the immediate audience to help with the various adventures that turned up. In many ways, it was like an interactive Peewee Herman's, without the psychosis. The show ran for two seasons, to above-average ratings. While the material was derivative even for its time, Jezebel adored the character she created, as well as performing before the children. The chance to get on stage with Jezebel and save the village, find the cattle rustlers, and basically be an on-screen cowboy or cowgirl was the coolest thing ever for many young kids. Jezebel was at her prime. However, it wasn't to last.

After the end of season celebration with the show, Jezebel drove back to her apartment in West Hollywood. On the drive back, she ends up swerving off the road, hitting a child on the sidewalk before wrapping herself around a telephone pole. When she woke up again, she found herself in a hospital, with a police officer and her lawyer in the room. The child died on impact; and it was found that Jezebel had a BAC of 0.21. Not only was she looking at a DUI, but vehicular manslaughter as well. Her career was effectively over; the show was canceled, and Jezebel not only had to force through the whirlwind of the court system, but the grief of murdering a child out of recklessness was consuming her. That was not, however, the final straw.

When she was pulled from the wreckage. However, news soon. Her father was no longer in his home; he had abandoned the home when he was unable to pay for his mortgage. Wandering the streets, he was found in a homeless shelter, nearly dead from Cirrhosis. When he was told about the situation with his daughter, and that she may be the next of kin, he rose up briefly, before collapsing dead. There were no last words. When Jezebel was told about this, her fragile mental state was destroyed. Nearly mentally unfit to stand trial, the court ultimately found her only guilty of two misdemeanor charges of the DUI. Shortly afterward, she settled out of court for the civil suit against her, and was checked into a rehab center due to her failing mental health. With her present, future, and past destroyed, Jezebel truly understood what it was like to have nothing.

Part 3) Back In The Saddle

After leaving the rehab within a year, she was completely out of work. With the reputation of being a child-killer and an alcoholic public knowledge, she was effectively blacklisted from any children-related productions. Her gigs became fewer and flimsier, though she did manage to find work. Her alcoholism returned again, along with a new addictions to painkillers. Briefly she took on another pseudonym, Jessie, and did a few soft core porn productions. It was during this time she began to seriously consider her life, and began to drift to seedier, unscrupulous types with much more criminal intent to quench her thirsts. Eventually, she got a break through one of her Pharmaceutical dealers: there was a money laundering production company in Hong Kong. If she would sign up with them, she could get herself well supplied and reliable work. Desperate, she left Hollywood, and relocated to Hong Kong.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, her forays into the criminal world began to bring her out of the career rut. The company was Despite her vices, she proved to her associates that she was a competent actress. Her natural charm, good looks, and martial arts abilities made her a shoo-in for low-budget martial arts movies, and began to appear on productions used for money laundering operations. Her reputation began to shift away from a washed up Disney star, and into a Z-list choice for a 'femme fatale' martial artist. These roles were pittance in terms of pay, but kept her alcohol and pills well stocked. It seemed that Jezebel was going to become just another burn-out causality in the world of acting. It was only a last minute career choice from Jezebel that saved her from oblivion.

It was within these years, however, Jezebel began to seriously pick up her Tae Kwon Do as the focus of her career. These bottom of the barrel roles required two things from her: cheesecake, and competent martial arts skills. With what scraps of money she earned, she began to throw those into private trainers instead of liquor. As she became more talented on screen, she began to get better and better work. These Hong Kong gigs proved to not only be profitable, but build her reputation overseas from her oddly loyal 18-35 year old male demographic. Eventually, she drifted away from the criminally-backed productions, and into more mainstream productions. Using her Tae Kwon Do abilities, her favorite promotional trick was to arrange fights in public areas, and give a 'demonstration' of her talents in an open forum, to advertise a movie that was coming out. The big break out in her Hong Kong scene was becoming the star of her own martial arts movie, the 'Kick High Noon,' where she played Lightning Spangles in a family friendly 'kung-fu' movie. It was through Lightning Spangles, an evolution of her favorite 'country-fried cowgirl' role, that made her into a movie star. Strange enough, however, as she reached a new height with movies, she in turn began to drift away from her art. While there was fame and money in acting, she was realizing that the real road to fame was in the fighting circuit.

The turning point for Jezebel was when she was picked up by Jerry Katzoff, a personal manager with a strong background in competitive fighting. Jezebel found herself out of a great deal of promotional work for her movies, as legally speaking, she was not allowed to 'fight' people after an incident on set which resulted in one of her fellow actors being left in a coma. Denied the ability to promote her movies, she decided to suspend her film career, and head back to the states to pursue her next career. With a number of tournament and belt leagues in full swing, Jezebel, now with the full persona of Lightning Spangles, falls out onto the world stage, ready to perform her greatest role of a lifetime.

NOL Bounty Data

Jezebel Faiblesse AKA: Lightning Spangles
Class: DBounty: $28,000.00
WANTED ALIVE Known Shadaloo affiliations, either actively engaging in or the victim of Darkstalker manipulations, particularly in the form of influences from a powerful succubus. Capture and incarcerate for interrogation, exorcism, and transfer to Interpol for legal prosecution.

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