Full Name:Jessica Haggar
Weight:124 lbs.
Blood Type:O-
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:Honey Blonde
OOC Data
Game:Final Fight
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Jessica, daughter of mayor Mike Haggar and girlfriend to Cody, has lived in Metro City all her life. She's a sweet girl with a penchant for getting into the worst kinds of trouble. Because of her father's political position, she was kidnapped by Belger, leader of the Mad Gear, to force Mike Haggar into giving up his crime-restrictive judgments and actions. It failed miserably, given as it only served to tick off the burly wrestler, not to mention stir up the wrath of protective boyfriend Cody and his friend Guy. But all that was in the past, and she can now resume a happy normal life, right?

Signature Move:Slap -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:< Unrecorded >

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