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Game:Killer Instinct
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"I'm afraid your path ends here."

An orphan raised by monks in a remote monastery in the Himalayan mountains, Jago was brought up to be an austere man of discipline and unimpeachable morality. He showed great potential through his formative years, and was trained in the way of the tiger by the abbot of the monastery, becoming a warrior worthy of standing by his fellow brethren. His worthiness would become tested when a man influenced by evil power forced Jago to kill in self-defense, crippling his resolve. The monk isolated himself to atone for his crime, spending years in solitude and deep meditation. It was during this time the guardian deity of the monastery came to him, charging him with the destruction of evils in the world. But despite his renewed resolve, guilt, uncertainty and doubt haunt the monk. The drive to do good is the only charge that gives him solace enough to pick up his kora sword once more in defense of the world. Now, he wanders the world to perfect his monastery's art, searching for enlightenment through mastery of his monastery's signature technique, the Endokuken.

Style:Tibetean Arts
Signature Move:Endokuken -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

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