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Game:Mortal Kombat
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Jade is a childhood friend of Kitana, and her personal bodyguard for the princess. Both serve Shao Kahn as assassins, with Jade functioning almost as a sister to the woman. As Kitana's loyalties came further and further into question, however, the assassin has been ordered to keep a closer eye on the princess. While she is loyal to Shao Kahn, Jade's loyalties ultimately begin and end with the princess. With Kitana's betrayal, she is now trapped between her two loyalties. She will be forced to choose between Jade and Shao Kahn; will she choose friendship? Or fatality?

Style:Fan Zi
Signature Move:Untameable -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:BRACE -- BULWARK

Recent Logs

[Mortal Kombat] When Needed - Bereft of a voice, and without many allies who can 'hear' him on Shang Tsung's island, Zach Glenn has been given a quest of sorts by the Ainu guardian Nakoruru. If he can find her missing mystical cloth, then she can help him restore his voice. Zach finds help in a somewhat expected way, encounters some unexpected resistance, and while he's able to secure his prize, things do not go 100% as planned for everyone involved... - Log created on 15:02:55 10/29/2016 by Frei, and last modified on 21:25:21 10/30/2016. Cast: Frei, Zach Glenn, Nakoruru, and Jade.

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