Full Name:Jacky Bryant
Height:182 cm/5'11"
Weight:75kg/165 lb.
Blood Type:A
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Sky Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Date of Birth:August 28
Personal Treasures:Formula 1 car he built himself
Favorite Food:Fast Food (get it?)
Likes:Family, Friends, Fast Cars, Fighting
Dislikes:Evil Organizations, Frogs, Going Slow
Best Sport:Racing and Pool
Love Interests:N/A
OOC Data
Game:Dead or Alive
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:(link)


"I'm faster than lightning!"

The heir to the affluent Bryant family of America's elite aristocracy, Jacky's love for his family is only rivaled by his love of racing. Charismatic and proud, Jacky refuses to rely on his family's wealth and pursue his own ambitions both in the ring and on the race track! With his love for speed, his sweet moves on the track, and his kicks as fast as lightning, its no wonder that he's known as The Blue Flash! But, it isn't all high-octane and smooth roads in his life. With power and privilege come enemies, and the Bryant family is with no shortage of those. A shadowy organization has tried to take Jacky's life, ruin his career, and take his sister from him. Setting himself on a path of vengeance, Jacky's set his uncompromising focus on using his insurmountable might and lightning fast attacks to take it all back.

Style:Jeet Kun Do philosophy with a Jun Fan Gung Fu foundation
Signature Move:Pak Sao -- PHYSICAL THROW COUNTER
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

Recent Logs

Worldwide Pro Belt Match - Rainbow Mika vs Jacky - With the pro belts in lockdown, Rainbow Mika is one of the last holdouts of the pro wrestlers. And finally, she has her challenger. Not Lightning Spangles. But Jacky, the hottest new face in the fighting scene. And he wants her belt! Hosting the defense will be both Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, as the clown show wrestling federation comes down hard to keep the belt in wrestling's hands! Jacky and Rainbow Mania has to battle it out with a crowd of Juggalos rooting them on. Will Mika defend her belt? Or will Jacky be down to clown, and able to make the play for the worldwide champion? - Log created on 22:55:12 06/15/2018 by Rainbow Mika, and last modified on 12:18:58 06/22/2018. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Jacky.

SNF: Rondo Of Blood - Rachel Alucard is a mystery to the broader world. There are rumors and evidence of the figure, but nothing clearly solid. That is, except one detail: her father is no more, and she is thus probably an orphan. And it is time for a crack team of SNFers to find out! The combined effort of Belt Champion Jacky and Showgirl Heartthrob Felicia must confront the mysterious maiden in a mysterious castle, to bring her before the Saturday Night Fight for promotional adoption. Armed with a suicide squad of a camera crew, they descend into the darkness as they hunt down the mysterious girl. Will they get their wish? Or will they merely get some tea time? - Log created on 12:13:40 04/28/2018 by Rachel Alucard, and last modified on 03:02:48 05/04/2018. Cast: Rachel Alucard, Felicia, and Jacky.

SNF - RED PRO BELT FIGHT - With Alice Nakata being 'okay' and 'partying', the Terry fangirl has left the red pro belt open for all challengers. Hosting this Red Pro Belt match? Is world famous rock star Justin Bieber, laying down the harsh sludge metal to a full house. Right between the fans and the stage, Jacky Bryant makes his stand, the fresh face to the fighting world virtually being a fighter unlike anything anybody has seen. His opponent? Voted one of the sexiest men in Canada, Bob. The unstoppable combination of speed and weight moves to intercept The Blue Flash for the right of the Red Pro Belt. Will Lightning Strike for the Bryant family? Or will Bob truffle shuffle the hell out of Jacky's prospects? - Log created on 14:51:12 04/13/2018 by Bob, and last modified on 00:01:10 04/16/2018. Cast: Bob and Jacky.

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