Full Name:Jack-O' Valentine
Age:It Varies From Time to Time
Height:5'4" (165 cm)
Weight:99 lbs. (45 kg)
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Pinkish Red
Hair Color:White on the Outside, Red on the Inside
Date of Birth:Isn't fully born yet
Hobbies:Creating new Rules
Personal Treasures:Her Mask
Favorite Food:C A N D Y
Likes:Toffee, Memories, Concepts about humanity
Dislikes:Concepts about science
OOC Data
Game:Guilty Gear
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"The person who just solved the truths of the universe, and the person who just saw a flower bloom in their garden. Who do you think is happier?"

Jack-O' Valentine may be a Valentine. Jack-O' Valentine may not be a Valentine. Jack-O' Valentine may be very young. Jack-O' Valentine may be very old. Jack-O' Valentine may be intolerably absurd. Jack-O' Valentine may be disturbingly serious. Jack-O' Valentine may exist. Jack-O' Valentine may not be real. From personality to origin to nature, nothing about Jack-O' Valentine is certain except that she is certain: despite having appeared in Japan during the Gear Invasion, there is no records of her existence in any of the Gear Project's files. Possessed of an immense magical talent unseen in most if any Gears, let alone a Valentine, Jack-O' is at times frighteningly perceptive and possessed of an extremely keen intellect. She also has a strong tendency to go off on wild tangents, gorge on dangerously high volumes of candy claiming it essential for her existential stability, and function off what can only be described as Looney Tunes Physics. Between her strange powers, her ball-and-chain familiar Dopoulos and a virtual army of audaciously adorable underlings, there's no doubt Jack-O' Valentine has quite a bit of power despite her utterly bizarre existence. But just what is she? Well... Jack-O' Valentine might know. Jack-O' Valentine might not know.

Signature Move:Forever Elysion Driver -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

NOL Bounty Data

Jack-O' Valentine  
Class: BBounty: $115,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Confirmed rogue Gear with confirmed history of violence against humans. [This file is flagged for immediate notification to Relius Clover upon delivery of the suspect.]

Recent Logs

[SNF 2021.10] SNF: MY BLOODY VALENTINE - CYS have split up at the Carnival, and Chris and Shermie decide to take the Tunnel of Love as a shortcut to meet back up with Yashiro! While they're inside, though, their boat crashes into one occupied by a mysterious lady in a Jack-O'-Lantern mask! Could she be... their Valentine? - Log created on 10:12:19 11/05/2021 by Jack-O', and last modified on 05:37:55 11/18/2021. Cast: Chris, Shermie, and Jack-O'.

The Perils of Possibility and Pugillusionism - What does it mean to be real, and what does it mean to simply be a passing illusion...? In a desperate bid for food, Haruna Abe enters the hallowed halls of the Pugillusionist's Paradise -- but finds her competition to be a bit more than she bargained for. In the ensuing struggle, existential questions are inadvertently posed, magicians are potentially killed (?!) and the confounding nature of Jack-O's are considered. Can Haruna triumph, in search of precious prime rib--?! Another precious memory for Jack-O' Valentine is born. - Log created on 20:12:52 06/07/2019 by Jack-O', and last modified on 02:26:37 06/09/2019. Cast: Jack-O' and Haruna.

Permutations and Pappardelle - Shadowing I-No's activities to get a better idea of the shape of her witchy agenda brings Jack-O' Valentine to the doorstep of renowned psychic, Rose. Which she promptly breaks into. And then tries to make dinner for the hostess of. It's pretty much just all downhill from there. But in the midst of shattering wine bottles and exploding couches, Rose and Jack-O' find they may have more than a few things in common. - Log created on 20:43:53 12/27/2018 by Jack-O', and last modified on 23:09:37 01/06/2019. Cast: Rose and Jack-O'.

Family - Fate has a funny way of throwing monkey wrenches into the most mundane of situations. What was meant to be nothing more than simple guard duty for a low-priority asset becomes something much more bizarre for NESTS experiment Eclipse Umbra. And a chance meeting with one Jack-O' Valentine sees fit to upend his entire world. For good cause! Probably!! - Log created on 21:07:54 11/18/2018 by Jack-O', and last modified on 02:15:42 11/20/2018. Cast: Eclipse and Jack-O'.

Gal Pals - I-No has finally completed her mission: Jack-O' is safely tied up in some kinky bondage that surely cannot be escaped. The witch just has to wait for the proper leyline convergence so that she can open the door to That Man's secret extradimensional base. Jack-O', however, has a different suggestion for how I-No can spend her time. - Log created on 20:28:08 11/13/2018 by I-No, and last modified on 21:49:18 11/14/2018. Cast: I-No and Jack-O'.

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