Full Name:Iori Yagami
Height:182cm (5'11")
Weight:76kg (168 lbs.)
Blood Type:O (for Orochi)
Eye Color:Red
Hair Color:Red
Hobbies:His band, Rickenbacher
Personal Treasures:None
Favorite Food:Meat
Likes:Being disaffected with modern society, imagining dismembering Kyo
Dislikes:Violence, Irony
Best Sport:Everything
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Currently Played
Theme Song:


"It's like I'm assisting suicide! Don't hate me. Hate your weakness!"

A descendant of the cursed Yagami bloodline, Iori is hardly what one would call a happy person...or even very nice. He wields flames similar to Kyo Kusanagi's, but a pact made by the Yagamis with the Orochi in ancient history has left their lineage tainted; A Yagami's flames are now purple, and hurt the user when brought forth. Iori subscribes fully to the rivalry between the Kusanagis and Yagamis, and would like nothing more than to kill Kyo. Iori enjoys playing in a band, one of the few things he actually does to relax. The rest of the time, he is a brooding, angry type who will often lash out at those nearby, and he has been known to kill or severely injure his teammates if his team loses in a tournament. His fighting skill and his flames make for an excellent combination that places him amongst the best fighters in the world. Due to his Orochi-tainted blood, Iori may fall into a "Riot of the Blood", and become feral. If anything, this makes him extremely savage, and even more dangerous to most opponents. Regardless, Iori may well be more important to the world than people would think.

Style:Yagami-ryu Kobojutsu
Signature Move:Oniyaki -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

Recent Logs

Rising Star 2022 Interview - Yashiro - With a little help from a friend, Yashiro learns how to do an interview, before learning that everything that he thought he knew about interviews was wrong. - Log created on 18:40:53 05/02/2022 by Yashiro, and last modified on 11:25:53 05/04/2022. Cast: Yashiro and Iori.

The Hundred Hot Wings Challenge - Marduk goes to the Live House 'Old Line' to eat a hundred chicken wings and listen to music. However, Iori is playing that night, and apparently has standards and self respect. They scuffle over their disagreements on chicken wings and music, and wreck at least four Escalades in the process. - Log created on 20:28:43 03/31/2022 by Marduk, and last modified on 22:55:07 04/02/2022. Cast: Iori and Marduk.

TBT Act 2 - What Would You Forge In The Flame? - Iori Yagami's band is invited to play Southtown's exclusive Highline club, then Iori himself is invited to the VIP Lounge to meet the owner, Kain Heinlein. A challenge that isn't a challenge between Kain and the cursed fighter who isn't a fighter leaves the lounge in ruins, laying the foundation for a longer relationship. - Log created on 21:38:39 08/29/2018 by Iori, and last modified on 09:41:30 09/04/2018. Cast: Iori and Kain.

SNF: Caged Heat - The hot-blooded Iori has left the violence of Southtown for a different flavor of it: a cage match against Ikari Warrior Leona. It's a hefty battle in the legendary Caged Arena of Barcelona. The only way out is victory, or unconsciousness. No forfeits, no escape. Only pure, unadulterated violence. Can Leona defeat the cursed youth? Or will Iori make her burn? - Log created on 16:43:54 07/22/2018 by Leona, and last modified on 12:43:07 08/03/2018. Cast: Iori and Leona.

A Taste of Things to Come - On the island of the damned in the midst of the Lost Sea a gathering takes place. It is the commencement of the final Mortal Kombat tournament that will decide Earth's fate. Champions from Earth are summoned but their Divine Arbiter seems missing... - Log created on 20:49:49 09/01/2016 by Shang Tsung, and last modified on 02:22:39 09/29/2016. Cast: Honoka, Iori, Aranha, Charlie, Zach Glenn, Daniel, Zabel, Scorpion, Reptile, Nakoruru, Ryu Hayabusa, Cyrax, Alexis, Eadni, Shang Tsung, Cassie, Lotus, and Cooper.

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