Height:5'5" (167cm)
Weight:101 lbs. (46kg)
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Changes from moment to moment
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:November 25
Hobbies:Anything as long as it's fun, word games
Personal Treasures:Her guitar, Marlene
Likes:Secrets, youth, teasing people <3
Dislikes:Killjoys, milk
Best Sport:[censored]
OOC Data
Game:Guilty Gear
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Let's make this one hell of a party."

Practically nothing is known about the woman in red who goes by the name "I-No." If you asked her, she'd be the first to admit what a cliche that is, but she'll do it with a saucy wink and a nod, making a game of it. Her appearances in the fighting world are sporadic; when she does appear, she fights with an unusual style indeed, her primary weapon being a sky blue guitar which can be the focus of a sonic burst one moment and a literal bludgeon the next. Out of the ring, she seems to do whatever pleases her, whenever it pleases her, with little regard for what that means to other people. Dressed in revealing red leather just shy of bondage gear and always armed with a sexual innuendo for any occasion, she's definitely not kid-friendly material. At times flirtatiously wry, at others seemingly murderously insane, it's impossible to predict what I-No will do next, though on rare occasions, it's been observed that talking about Sol Badguy will set her off...

Signature Move:Stroke The Big Tree -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

NOL Bounty Data

I-No AKA: Musician in Red
Class: ABounty: $370,000.00
WANTED ALIVE Suspected of being a powerful magic user that dabbles in forbidden techniques of time interference.

Recent Logs

[SNF 2021.08 (Pringer's Birthday Bash)] Pringer's Birthday Bash 2021 - Ten fighters enter the BLITZ MEGAMAZE. Only one can emerge victorious. Chosen by random draw, these combatants will face off against each other for the favour of the mysterious PRINGER X! (An experimental and self-serving event run by Pringer X for their birthday in 2021!) - Log created on 14:17:55 08/09/2021 by Pringer X, and last modified on 09:52:37 09/11/2021. Cast: King, Kairi, Tung Fu Rue, Lynn, Widow, The Astro, I-No, Kokonoe, Platinum, and Titanic Tim.

[kof 2019] KoF 2019 - Graveyard of the Fireflies - For the past however long, the inscrutable I-No has had former Gear commander and current junk food movie addict Elphelt Valentine in her 'care', which is to say El's being shielded from the many people who want her imprisoned, dead, or worse. But one particular evening finds I-No with questions that can't be asked or answered in a hotel room over cheesecake, and she spirits El away to a location of great significance to ask her a very simple question with some very complicated answers. - Log created on 20:37:30 06/06/2019 by Elphelt, and last modified on 09:13:24 06/16/2019. Cast: I-No and Elphelt.

Starts With "I" - A number of Akatsuki's front companies remain ever-vigilant for choice real estate. One such find was a sixth-story studio apartment located above the Shinsaibashi shopping arcade in Osaka. It's close enough for people-watching, and yet elevated far enough above the streets to allow solace and privacy. It's got all the creature comforts a crime lord on the run could ask for -- kitchenette, a luxuriant bed, a private entranceway. And, of course, a window, in case a time-skipping Red Witch decides to make a surprise appearance. - Log created on 20:53:56 01/25/2019 by Honoka, and last modified on 21:15:27 03/13/2019. Cast: Honoka and I-No.

What the Heck is Consent Anyway - Having re-awakened to her identity just in time to NOT marry a death metal frontman, Elphelt Valentine is on the run from functionally everybody, which is probably how she ended up at a D-tier anime convention in the southern US. But don't worry: someone's coming to save her from a grisly fate. Probably. Almost certainly. - Log created on 19:21:09 01/10/2019 by Elphelt, and last modified on 00:31:40 01/14/2019. Cast: I-No and Elphelt.

Where It Goes - Chun-Li, having learned more about I-No from Rose and even picked up a number, decides to try contacting the mysterious witch. Things get weird. Sexy weird. Or maybe creepy weird. It's really a matter of perception. - Log created on 17:05:19 01/07/2019 by I-No, and last modified on 20:58:07 01/08/2019. Cast: Chun-Li and I-No.

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