Full Name:Hyo Imawano
Faction:Justice High
Weight:147 pounds (67 kg)
Blood Type:B
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:White
Date of Birth:April 4th
Likes:Order, education, katana, politics
Dislikes:Greed, corruption, connivance
OOC Data
Game:Rival Schools
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


The son of the former head of the feared Imawano ninja clan, Mugen Imawano, Hyo was to be his father's perfect heir and legacy. Hyo was brainwashed and indoctrinated from birth to carry out the ideals of his clan: To eliminate injustice and establish a Japan free of the degradations of society. Unfortunately, Mugen's extremist doctrine of total order and control required the elimination of emotional connections, alongside fun, friendship, and all things not directly viewed as productive for the advancement of society and order. A consummate swordsman and top student of Justice High, Hyo has earned the respect and esteem of the student body. Hyo exhibits vast talent both academically and physically. In person, he may act cold and aloof, but when addressing the student body at large, his immense passion for justice and enlightenment reveals itself. While perhaps only his brother Kyosuke can see his true self, the swordsman from Justice High seeks to carry his school's namesake into the future for as long as he can lift his sword.

Signature Move:Iai-giri -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

Recent Logs

[IHST] Inter-High School Tournament: Hyo vs Daigo - The semi-final involving Hyo and Daigo into the epic battle between Justice High and Gedo High. - Log created on 16:14:02 01/27/2015 by Daigo, and last modified on 12:00:22 01/30/2015. Cast: Daigo and Hyo.

[IHST] Inter-High School Tournament: Tiffany vs. Hyo - On the field of Justice High, the cheerleader of Pacific High meets the student council president of Justice--and though she strikes the young genius down, she learns a very powerful lesson about the differences in power between two people. Can anything fill such a chasm? - Log created on 05:41:21 01/14/2015 by Hyo, and last modified on 04:19:03 03/05/2015. Cast: Hyo and Tiffany.

[IHST] Inter-High School Tournament: Hyo x Daigo - Daigo returns home from a long cold day at school to find that he has been visited by his ideological opposite, the council president of Justice High. Though he knows much of what Hyo Imawano has to tell him of the mysterious Atelier corporation, he has resolved to remain neutral until evidence is presented. That is when Hyo is forced to make use of his other skills to force the matter for the Gedo Boss. - Log created on 20:05:19 01/08/2015 by Hyo, and last modified on 02:09:46 01/09/2015. Cast: Kyo, Daigo, and Hyo.

[IHST] Inter-High School Tournament: Hyo vs Makoto - In a redemption match organized by the machinations of the principal of Justice High himself, Hyo Imawano takes to the run-down Rindou-kan Dojo to fight the karate master Makoto Kato. The ensuing slaughter seems to be decisively against the karateka, but through sheer will and determination, she was able to prove her worth, if not to the ruthless Hyo, then to everyone else gathered! Her ancestors would be proud. (Winner: Hyo) - Log created on 22:28:11 01/07/2015 by Hyo, and last modified on 02:05:30 01/09/2015. Cast: Hyo and Makoto Kato.

For the Future - Raizo and Hyo discuss the issues of NESTS' infiltrations, Athena's attack, and Urien's meddling. - Log created on 02:26:54 12/30/2014 by Raizo, and last modified on 06:20:03 12/30/2014. Cast: Raizo and Hyo.

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