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Also known as "Blood Talon", Hwoarang is the leader of a gang of street thugs roaming the Chinatown streets in San Francisco. Originally of Korean descent, he was either abandoned or left to his own devices at a young age. His interest in taekwondo brought him into contact with Baek Doo San, a fellow Korean immigrant. The two became close as both master/student and surrogate father/son. Still, the discipline wasn't enough to keep him out of trouble. His strength ensured a high position in the local gangs, in turn giving him the gratifications of power and indulgence. He harbors a grudge against Marshall Law due to his relentless hounding of Hwoarang's father figure.

Style:Tae Kwon Do
Signature Move:Air Raid -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:STYLE -- VERSATILE

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