Full Name:Honoka Kawamoto
Aliases:Scarlet Dahlia
Age:Early 20s
Height:165cm (5'5")
Weight:50kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type:AB
Hometown:Eastern Hokkaido, Japan
Eye Color:Amber
Hair Color:Black w/pink highlights [As Dahlia: Scarlet red]
Date of Birth:Dec 21
Hobbies:Cosplay, history
Personal Treasures:Shakushain's Sword, Goro's Head
Favorite Food:Hucho perryi / salmon, seafood, omelettes
Likes:EDM, the number six, American westerns
Dislikes:Complacency, robots, canines
Best Sport:Ice Hockey
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Yuu Asakawa
Theme Song:(Not Another Lame) Fight Song - Kawehi


"The show must go on!"

Fighting off martial artists while walking a tightrope and juggling diabolos would probably qualify as a high-stress job, but to one of the star performers for the Twilight Star Circus, it's a nightly occupational hazard. First as a dancer, then a trapeze artist, Honoka soon find her true passion in juggling. But when the Twilight Star began inviting martial artists into the center ring, Honoka stepped up to that challenge as well. Her opponents are more than welcome to fight upon level ground, of course, but to break Honoka's hold on the audience they'll have to find a way to defeat the juggler's charming smile, her nigh-unshakable concentration, and of course, the diabolos she keeps whipping around as fast as the eye can see.

Style:Juggling Weapons and Acrobatics
Signature Move:Niwen Horobi -- THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD


"Honoka Kawamoto" is a pathological liar who adopts multiple personas to advance her personal agenda.

- As "Honoka Kawamoto" she was the star juggler of the Twilight Star Circus. She had been giving "suggestions" to the circus manager on how to run business. The circus was shut down due to unspecified reasons.

- As "Scarlet Dahlia" she is the de-facto ruler of the Akatsuki-gumi yakuza clan. "Tora" Takanawa heads the ruling council, overseeing clans operated by Kyong Su and Jin "Jaws" Fujiwara. Scarlet Dahlia came to power as the second-in-command of the Maebara clan. More significantly, Scarlet Dahlia is the Champion of Mortal Kombat, having defeated Goro in the tournament and securing Earthrealm from the advances of Outworld.

- As "Miko Kobayashi" she had previously served as a lieutenant to Daigo Kazama, guiding students of Gedo High on gang expeditions.

- As "Shizue Murano" she was the historical consultant -- and unofficially, lead content producer -- for a series of virtual reality programs on the V-Gage Educator virtual reality console.

KNOWN ASSOCIATES (as Honoka Kawamoto):

- Lightning Spangles (on-stage rival)
- Zach Glenn (Ex-Boyfriend)
- Elise Isabela Harkness (Ringmaster/Negotiator, Twilight Star Circus, status: unknown)
- Jun-Hwe "Oboro" Nakashita (Performer/Assassin, Twilight Star Circus, status: unknown)

KNOWN ASSOCIATES (as Scarlet Dahlia):
- Shadaloo (Full partnership)
- R (Arms/weapons sales)
- Kano (Arms, mercenary)


- Skilled at tracking multiple moving objects simultaneously, Honoka can juggle anything she can carry. She specializes in the diabolo and yo-yo tricks.

- Honoka's combat abilities are inspired by a number of divergent techniques. Her diabolo wands are often used as striking weapons in the style of Escrima (the Filipino stick-wielding art) and the sansetsukon (Chinese three-sectioned staff). Her acrobatic style is inspired by taikyokuken and judo.

- Onstage, Honoka has been known to create intricate, life-like illusions with her psychic abilities.

- In stage performances, her psychic attacks often take on pink/purple hues, and are styled to resemble chi attacks. However, this is a conscious effort at showmanship -- in their "natural" state her attacks manifest as invisible waves of force.

- Honoka can also control minds to some degree, through psychic suggestions. These "mind tricks" work best on subjects already agreeable to Honoka, so she usually tries to win people over with words first. Honoka's powers of mind control are especially strong on sleeping subjects.

- http://youtu.be/piJj_wnF0aA - Demonstration of an Excalibur Genocide
- http://youtu.be/l_0bDofrzTY - Rosetta Passel (Kaleido Star) demonstrating 2x diabolo technique

- http://youtu.be/QAD0BtEv6-Q - Lindsey Stirling, "Take Flight"

- http://youtu.be/UjkKkrbp4Z8?list=PL7E26FBB91A58A915 - S4 League Original Soundtrack
- https://youtu.be/UdDsw9olXmA?t=36m24s - m.o.v.e., Ride On The Wave

- http://youtu.be/5E5Lea8vT_k - X JAPAN, "Bass Solo, Tokyo Dome 1993-1996"
- http://youtu.be/luqGqrnobeU - X JAPAN, "Dahlia"

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