Faction:Taiyo High
Height:5'3" (160cm)
Weight:108lb (49kg)
Blood Type:O
Nationality:German (Japanese)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Light Brown
Date of Birth:May 25th
Hobbies:Cooking, Tailoring, Hiking and Cycling.
Personal Treasures:Hitomi's Favorite Hairband, Her Bike
Favorite Food:Sachertorte
Likes:Epic Novel: Bridge to the Stars, Sky Blue, Orange Juice.
Dislikes:Bullying, Animal Abuse, Jerks.
Best Sport:Soccer
Love Interests:No one!
OOC Data
Game:Dead or Alive
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen." [No-one is born a Master]

Hitomi was born in Germany to her native German father who is a karate master with his own dojo, and her Japanese mother. From a young age, trained in the art of Karate under her father's guidance. By the age of eighteen she had earned her black belt, from the strictest of teachers. After the events of Dead or Alive, She found the mysterious and amnesiac 'Ein' passed out in the Black Forest, where he had been abandoned by Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee, (The finished Project Epsilon.) Hitomi took him home, and she and Ein studied karate together under her father's tutelage whilst he recuperated; In time he left on a journey to discover his forgotten past. Hitomi never saw him beyond that point, no word ever reached them about him and she still looking for and worried about her friend. Having defeated her father in a decisive match as her own skills increased she recieved his blessing as he acknowledged her as a fully fledged adult and martial artist. Now free to Travel far afield, to study and work abroad, Hitomi aspires to fight greater matches and meet amazing people out here in the big wide world; always with the faint hope she might run into Ein at the next tournament.

Signature Move:Yamase -- PHYSICAL THROW COUNTER
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

Recent Logs

The Invincible Dragon. - A possible new disciple arrives at the Kyokugen dojo. The wounds are still raw, scars of battle yet to heal and theres a tremendous sense of unease and tension in the air. - Log created on 00:50:47 07/18/2018 by Hitomi, and last modified on 20:05:01 09/18/2018. Cast: Ryo and Hitomi.

[SNF 2018.06] SNF: Beachfest! Hitomi vs Hei Xuanfeng - It's a Saturday Night Fight! A karateka versus a Kung-fu Practitioner set against a backdrop of: drrrrrruuuumroooooo-ol.. Niki beach! One of the most beautiful and unspoiled tropical locations this presenter is aware we're still allowed to use. *mic squeal and awkward silence* Fists will fly at this location! /and/ through the medium of television and production magic!! You! The home audience will feel you're actually right there! ... sounds like a matchup made in Heaven! - Log created on 03:21:03 06/26/2018 by Hitomi, and last modified on 15:41:58 06/28/2018. Cast: Hitomi and Hei Xuanfeng.

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R1 - Hitomi vs Faust - Only the first round and already one fight for the Golden Angel was put in jeopardy with Hitomi being injured. Thankfully the young lady was facing the eccentric yet skilled Faust. With his medical knowhow he manages to fix up Hitomi and the fight goes on as planned. And while Faust proves to be a good doctor perhaps he did too good of work. He may have created a monster that will be unleashed on the Golden Angel tournament! (Winner: Hitomi) - Log created on 16:55:48 01/09/2018 by Faust, and last modified on 02:31:22 01/14/2018. Cast: Hitomi and Faust.

[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifier - Hitomi vs Gato - A young Japanese waitress; upset with his treatment and injuring of a fighter in a dismissive manner Challenges Gato Futaba, hurls herself at the Chinese Kenpo practitioner. Her imposition and rudeness accepted he makes it a clear display for all to see, just how far removed 'World Warrior' level is from the common fighter. A territory populated by beasts and monsters, who are the only applicants need apply. WINNER (Gato) - Log created on 01:46:47 01/08/2018 by Hitomi, and last modified on 02:33:26 01/14/2018. Cast: Gato and Hitomi.

[P-BBB 2017] P-BBB 2017) Cooking By The Book - Bob vs Hitomi - When it is a Mafia's don's birthday, the families make piece. When Paciano Bollo's declares his own birthday party at the Cabaret Candide, what better way to celebrate than with a birthday feast? Representing the best in speed and weight, Hitomi is ready to tuck into the biggest delight, eating the delicious cake until her belly bursts! But imagine the hungry Hitomi's surprise as for Paciano's birthday when the sensual and shapely Bob bursts out in his finest, ready to entertain not only the done, but the hungry Hitomi with a fight! I- Wait, I think I messed up on the roles here, let me just make a note to edit this- - Log created on 22:23:23 10/24/2017 by Hitomi, and last modified on 18:27:37 11/07/2017. Cast: Bob and Hitomi.

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