Full Name:Hibiki Kohaku
Faction:Novus Orbis Librarium
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
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"A man with confidence shall not lose; only doubt will bring defeat."

A member of a vassal house to the Mutsuki family, Hibiki quickly managed to become a Captain of NOL's Japanese branch, serving directly beneath Kagura. Although many treat the colonel with respect, he is sharply criticizing of Kagura's lackadaisical attitude and often forces him to atone for his poor decisions, usually out of Kagura's own pocket. When Hibiki is not present, Kagura often devolves to drunken uselessness, thoroughly proving that Hibiki's role in managing him is vital. He still admires Kagura despite such tsundere activities and wishes nothing more than to be an emotionless blade used to remove Mutsuki family problems. His cold, no-nonsense personality often unnerves people attempting to get close to him and hides a potential instability beneath his seemingly calm exterior. A master of assassination utilizing the ability to manipulate his own or nearby shadows to teleport or create intangible clones, he wields dual segmented blades in a fluid, unpredictable style revolving around creating openings and ruthlessly capitalizing on them. He is surprisingly competent in all menial chores as a vassal servant, and his cooking is considered legendary even by the most distinguished of noble tastes

Style:Kohaku-style Shadow Assassination
Signature Move:Double Chase -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

Recent Logs

[Illyria] Illyria Finale - Loose Ends - Zach Glenn's efforts to reveal the NOL's atrocities to sympathetic ears in their own ranks have been fruitful, and he moves to support the Sacred Order at Illyria. But his arrival at Castle Illyria is met with a NOL operative;: Kagura's aide-de-camp, Hibiki Kohaku. Skeptical and outright hostile to Zach's interventions in the machinations of the NOL, he thinks he has found another saboteur attacking the expedition. Can Zach convince the assistant of the rightness of his words, or will Hibiki be forced to nip a potential threat in the bud? - Log created on 03:32:46 05/01/2018 by Zach Glenn, and last modified on 12:55:37 05/16/2018. Cast: Zach Glenn and Hibiki.

A Grim Interrogation - Faithfully following the orders of the Black Knight, Hibiki confronts Ragna and seeks answers regarding the Bloodedge's previous battle with Hazama. The NOL agent learns what he seeks and more besides, for it seems that Tsubaki has been conducting her own investigation. But Hibiki cannot simply allow the NOL's highest bounty to leave intact. Can the loyal servant capture the Grim Reaper, or will the shadow be consumed by a greater darkness? - Log created on 18:36:30 12/16/2017 by Hibiki, and last modified on 00:33:42 12/17/2017. Cast: Hibiki and Ragna.

Black Knight Blues - In the wake of his rooftop duel against Valkenhayn, Kagura has had the luxury of avoiding busywork. But the arrival of a certain stern and faithful shadow puts an end to this. Hibiki brings Clio to the Black Knight as ordered -- albeit more promptly than hoped -- so that she is reassigned to the NOL's Southtown division, and Kagura's strategy is discussed, fueled by some very fine coffee. - Log created on 20:35:05 12/02/2017 by Hibiki, and last modified on 01:17:50 12/03/2017. Cast: Kagura, Hibiki, and Clio.

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