Full Name:Hawksley Moore
Height:5 feet, 10 inches
Weight:175 pounds
Blood Type:O
Hometown:Cork City
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Date of Birth:25/02/2002
Hobbies:Fighting, Drinking, Attending Gigs
Personal Treasures:Granda's pocket watch
Favorite Food:Soda bread, Seafood, Mammy's stew
Likes:Having a laugh, Getting into trouble
Dislikes:Talking about politics or religion
Best Sport:Boxing
Love Interests:Mind your own feckin business
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Colin Farrell
Theme Song:Go! Fight! Win! by Ash


"May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live."

This Irish inferno has journeyed to Southtown to try and make it as a fighter. Driven more by the buzz of a good brawl than fame and fortune, he's happy to have enough cash to cover his costs and find fun and adventures along the way. Lacking any formal fighting training, he's looking to step up his skill and learn to control the powerful fire chi that he's been able to manifest since his adolescence. His participation in the New Fighting Generation seems like the perfect opportunity to achieve his aims.

Style:Bar Brawling
Signature Move:Numbskull -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE


Hawksley Moore was born in Cork City, County Cork in early 2002. He grew up as the youngest of six children, raised in a traditionally Catholic household. A wayward child, he was always brimming with energy, which often led to him getting into trouble. As well as the physical altercations he frequently got in, he had a fascination with fire. He claimed the first blaze he started was purely by accident, but neither his family or friends believed the boy. The truth is, he had no idea how he started it, as the tree he was playing by in the city's Fitzgerald's Park simply set ablaze at his touch! Following this seemingly freak occurrence, he set about trying to recreate the effect, with varying degrees of success. Although he could usually produce the fire, controlling it was another matter. After burning down the barn at his maternal grandparent's property, he was banned from visiting them again.

By the time he left school, Hawksley had been suspended on several occasions for fighting and was happy to escape from the four walls of the classroom, which felt to him like a prison. He tried his hand at several different jobs, before finding work behind the bar in his local pub. This led to further employment as a bartender (and occasional security) in a strip club. This is where he met Tiffany, one of the dancers.

Hawksley fell head over heels for the pretty purple haired girl and the two dated for six months. Their relationship abruptly ended when one of the customers got over friendly with Tiffany and Hawksley attacked him, which left the wealthy local business owner in hospital. He lost both his girlfriend and his job on the same night. Following the fall out from this, the lad was left at a loose end. Feeling depressed and downhearted, he desperately searched the internet for some sliver of hope. This was where he stumbled upon an advertisement for an exciting opportunity, to become a fighter. The only trouble was, it was in Japan.

Hawksley had only been outside Ireland once, when his friend, James had his eighteenth birthday in London. The idea of flying across the world seemed like madness, but then he didn't have much left to stay in Cork for. Sure, he had his band of buddies, but most of them were in relationships and steady jobs, which didn't appeal to him at all. Selling his car and other worldly possessions, he combined them with the small amount withdrawn from his savings account and set off to Southtown!

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