Full Name:Haruna Abe
Faction:Sacred Order
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Game:Original Character
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"Science tells us we are made of star-stuff. Let me show you what that means..."

An inheritor of an ancient lineage, Haruna Abe is a wanted woman in many ways. For some, her mystical astrologically-inspired understanding of the theory and practice of natural energy flows; for others, historical grudges dating back to Abe-no-Seimei; for others still, style and grace. Drawn to the Sacred Order by mission and the holy allure of a steady paycheck, vital in this era of dharma decline, Haruna tries to act like a noblewoman and, once in a while, succeeds. Her fighting style is deceptive to casual observers - a slightly awkward Chinese style with a heavy emphasis on small-surface strikes - but often leads to glorious eruptions of light and color. Those "in the know" understand there is a deeper truth at hand.

Style:Purple Forbidden Enclosure
Signature Move:Northern Dipper -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

The Perils of Possibility and Pugillusionism - What does it mean to be real, and what does it mean to simply be a passing illusion...? In a desperate bid for food, Haruna Abe enters the hallowed halls of the Pugillusionist's Paradise -- but finds her competition to be a bit more than she bargained for. In the ensuing struggle, existential questions are inadvertently posed, magicians are potentially killed (?!) and the confounding nature of Jack-O's are considered. Can Haruna triumph, in search of precious prime rib--?! Another precious memory for Jack-O' Valentine is born. - Log created on 20:12:52 06/07/2019 by Jack-O', and last modified on 02:26:37 06/09/2019. Cast: Jack-O' and Haruna.

[Illyria] Illyria Act 2 - Bread & Bitter Herbs - In which Haruna, who is attractive and cool, is defeated through the deceit and treachery of an evil lolita. - Log created on 23:12:09 04/08/2018 by Haruna, and last modified on 18:52:46 04/20/2018. Cast: Haruna and Amandine.

[Illyria] Illyria Act 1 - Circle the Square - The leyline nexus in Illyria are an untapped resource of incredible magical power. As the rest of the army drives into the heart of Illyria, the researchers are free to pick and poke through these magical circles. Haruna, in the midst of researching some of the geomantic symbols near an old barrow, soon draws out the latent spirit energy within. But with it comes the very monsters who seek to control the land. A banshee is drawn out, and Haruna finds herself at the front lines of this conflict. - Log created on 21:46:21 03/21/2018 by Hayley, and last modified on 00:50:12 03/26/2018. Cast: Hayley and Haruna.

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R3 - Haruna vs Hayley - In which Hayley works face and Haruna yells at her, with a shocking and abrupt conclusion. - Log created on 20:27:19 02/16/2018 by Haruna, and last modified on 20:17:03 02/28/2018. Cast: Hayley and Haruna.

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R2 - Haruna vs Pukai - HARUNA ABE faces the immense challenge of her life in the form of a cheerful aquatic girl who has the power to summon watery tendrils from Hell. In the end, PUKAI prevails, while also rubbing a hippo. This is probably not a Pop Team Epic episode. - Log created on 20:16:16 01/26/2018 by Haruna, and last modified on 19:21:54 02/02/2018. Cast: Pukai and Haruna.

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