Full Name:Mike Haggar
Weight:310 lbs.
Blood Type:Gravy
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Personal Treasures:Jessica
Favorite Food:Cheese Steakburger
Likes:Clean sidewalk
Dislikes:Mad Gear
Best Sport:Wrestling / Football
Love Interests:Arby's
OOC Data
Game:Final Fight
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"I can't tolerate preying on the weak!"

Mike Haggar was one of the most famous faces of the CWA, many-time challenger and occasional ally to its greatest champion, Victor Ortega. He began to consider leaving as well when Ortega vanished, but the decision was made for him when the rising Mad Gear began gripping his hometown of Metro City, taking the life of his wife Nancy in the process. Haggar vowed to end Mad Gear and retired from the CWA in order to run for mayor of the city on that exact platform, winning the election. A stern giant of a man, Mike Haggar is still haunted with barely-restrained anger at the death of his wife, doing the best he can to balance the day-to-day stress of mayoral duties with raising his daughter Jessica and working toward his ultimate goal of Mad Gear's destruction. His kinder nature is often hidden under his hard exterior, but Haggar is a genuinely good person who strives to do the best for everyone he can at any expense.

Signature Move:Violent Axe -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:TOUGHNESS -- MOMENTUM

Recent Logs

[SNF 2021.10] SNF: HULK HOGAN VS SUPERGIRL - A matchup that speaks for itself, set to take place in the wrestling ring in Carnival Square at the very heart of the fairground! Hulk Hogan (played by Haggar) will face off against Supergirl (played by Edenlith) for the Midnight Carnival Championship! A packed crowd is expected for this all-ages main event! Promos optional but encouraged! - Log created on 15:53:07 10/30/2021 by Edenlith, and last modified on 19:51:25 11/02/2021. Cast: Haggar and Edenlith.

[SNF 2021.02] SNF - "Icarus fights Medusa's Angels." - It takes a big man to fill a big role, and who could be a bigger icon on Valentine's Day than everyone's favourite arrow-slinging cherubim? The role of Love Goddess is already filled, leaving the part of Cupid to be played by wrestling icon Mike Haggar! Sent by Love Goddess Lyraelle, our hero faces off against the forces of Medusa, representing all that is ugly and evil in the world - the perfect antithesis for the Love Goddess! Medusa has sent Velvet Blue Violet and Red Rose Tsinghua, her blue and red oni, to the Parthenon to spearhead her invasion! Can Cupid and his arrows - and spinning piledrivers - stop them before it's too late? - Log created on 10:23:23 02/22/2021 by Tsinghua, and last modified on 16:04:22 02/24/2021. Cast: Haggar, Velvet Blue, and Tsinghua.

[SNF 2020.11] Thankful For: SLAM! - In the wake of a difficult reelection campaign, Haggar hosts the mother of all rallies in downtown Metro City. And what better way to celebrate his re-election than a full-forced slamfest right in the heart of the great American metropolis? Ripping off his suit in favour of his classic wrestling garb, America's Mayor is not only ready to unleash a stunning tour de force of awe-inspiring slams against Hollywood regular Johnny Cage (who is getting paid for this appearance), but also his victory speech to his supporters. But when MURDERHOUSE ascends from the depths with his third-party brooding, the after party is thrown into total CHAOS*! - Log created on 20:44:06 11/22/2020 by Haggar, and last modified on 16:09:40 11/29/2020. Cast: MURDERHOUSE, Haggar, and Johnny Cage.

[SLAMFEST 2020] SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Haggar vs Alex and ???? - In round 2 of SLAMFEST, the conductor of Slam Station mayor Mike Haggar is put through a grueling endurance match against the tag team of Alex and Gunloc. However, when the Florida Wild Horse fails to show, a last minute replacement could be just the magic bullet needed to bring this pain train to a screeching halt. - Log created on 11:49:20 02/07/2020 by Haggar, and last modified on 20:05:29 02/17/2020. Cast: Blue Mary, Haggar, and Alex.

[SLAMFEST 2020] SLAMFEST 2020 - Haggar vs Potemkin - It's the never before scene Armored Giant vs the newly returning Mayor of SLAM in a colossal clash between two larger than life men. Face to face in the squared circle, this brutal bout showcases just how devastating a match can be when two muscular monoliths bend their mind toward the unsurpassable art of SLAM! - Log created on 12:26:24 01/19/2020 by Haggar, and last modified on 19:01:56 01/19/2020. Cast: Haggar and Potemkin.

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