Weight:276 lbs.
Blood Type:
Eye Color:Gray
Hair Color:Blond
OOC Data
Game:Slam Masters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Nicknamed the "Florida Wild Horse", Gunloc grew as a street fighter in the slums of Metro City. There, he trained under the young Mike Haggar along with his friend/rival and fellow wrestler Biff Slamkovich, and they became famous CWA wrestlers together. A notorious playboy, Gunloc once tried to put the moves on Jessica, which lead to his thumping by both Haggar and Cody. And yet, behind this All-American face of the Capcom Wrestling Association, there is a rumor that he leads a double life as a secret agent, and has already infiltrated a terrorist organization. Most telling of the rumors, however, is the rumor he is brothers with a member of the Special Forces...

Style:Pro Wrestling
Signature Move:Crescent Slash -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

Recent Logs

[SLAMFEST 2020] Free For All - Aranha vs Hotaru vs Gunloc - In this round of SLAMFEST 2020, a triple threat match between three tough and quick competitors to see who has the next chance to stand against the one and only Victor Ortega. Watch The Dancing Spider take on both The Florida Wild Horse, Gunloc and the young up-and-coming Hotaru. - Log created on 11:27:06 02/21/2020 by Gunloc, and last modified on 10:20:04 03/07/2020. Cast: Hotaru, Aranha, and Gunloc.

[SLAMFEST 2020] SLAMFEST 2020 Round 1 - Mai vs Gunloc - A matchup for the ages as the Florida Wild Horse, Gunloc, takes on the Alluring Ninja, Mai! A modern day legend of the ring takes some of the best that Japan has to offer. Who will win in this, the first round of SLAMFEST! - Log created on 11:36:06 01/16/2020 by Gunloc, and last modified on 00:17:54 01/21/2020. Cast: Gunloc and Mai.

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