Weight:745 lbs
Blood Type:Unknown
Hometown:Athens, Greece
Eye Color:Gold
Hair Color:Fiery Blonde
Likes:Being called a hero
Dislikes:Those who go against him
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Immortality is not a gift. It is a responsibility."

A relative unknown on the stage of history, the man known as Gill nonetheless may be one of the most powerful people in the world. As the leader of the Illuminati, Gill has unparalleled influence on events across the globe, and phenomenal power granted to him by his elemental mastery of fire and ice. Despite his ominous position, Gill is a shockingly generous and kind person, his natural charisma and earnestness making him well-beloved in the Illuminati, and his rumored ability to drag himself back from death has cast him in an almost deific light in the organization, a notion that has blossomed for Gill into something of a god complex. A true believer of the Illuminati's tenants, Gill views himself as mankind's messiah fated to save the world from a coming apocalypse, and has dedicated himself wholly towards averting this terrible end... no matter what he must do.

Style:Secret Fighting Techniques
Signature Move:Resurrection -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:SECOND_WIND -- RALLY

Recent Logs

The Price of Freedom - After extensive pressure from the Illuminati, Igniz relents and offers Urien back in return for no longer being harassed. Gill comes in person to collect his wayward brother. - Log created on 18:07:07 12/23/2014 by Urien, and last modified on 02:04:00 12/24/2014. Cast: Gill, Urien, and Igniz.

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