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Gen Fu

"My fists only get stronger with age."

A aging master of Xinyiliuhequan, Gen Fu retired from the world of fighting years ago in order to pursue a humble career in owning and operating a book store. The peaceful, quiet life is a welcome respite from the world of violence he had lived most of his life in. In recent years, he has taken on an apprentice by the name of Eliot, teaching the boy a less brutal variant of his Chinese martial art, eager to pass on some elements of his style to the next generation. The master's own style may come across simple and predictable, but the force behind each strike is not to be underestimated. Recently, Gen Fu's grand daughter, Mei Lin, has fallen ill. In need of the funds necessary to finance her recovery, the retired fighter once again clenches his fist and returns to the field of battle.

Signature Move:Rensui Tanpao -- PHYSICAL

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