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Game:Fighting EX Layer
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Garuda was once a man named Hayate. The noble swordman protected his village long ago from an unknown demon, sealing the force with him. Once hailed as a hero, he was inevitably overtaken by the dark forces, becoming a demon. Now, bound in the armor of a samurai warrior with a twisted visage of a mask, the once honorable warrior now only exists through the power of negative emotions. An enormously powerful Darkstalker, Garuda wanders the world, seeking out the strong to Sastify his bloodthirsty need for battle. He is especially drawn to fighters with the Killing Instinct, feeding on their bloodlust and hatred to empower his own essence.

Style:Cursed Demon Sword Techniques
Signature Move:Shuuga -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

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