Full Name:Gan Isurugi
Faction:Gedo High
Weight:253 lbs.
Blood Type:O
Hometown:Farm in the country of Japan ( Basically ???)
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Dark brown
Hobbies:Sumo, eating
Favorite Food:Rice balls
OOC Data
Game:Rival Schools
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Gan Isurugi is a big guy. Very big. But despite appearances to the contrary, most of that bulk is muscle. A simple young man born of a rural farming family, Gan migrated to the big city in his early teens. Unfortunately, he quickly found that, as he lacked much in the way of brainpower, the only way he could get by was to use his titan's strength. Naturally, this eventually got him in trouble with the law, and he found his way to Gedo High. Although a poor student, he excels at physical education, and his membership in the Sumo Club (which he seldom attends) has brought Gedo High the national championship in both of the years he's attended. Too simple-minded to truly be malicious, Gan is a good person to those who can look beyond his hulking exterior. This has made him one of Daigo's most trusted men, and he often finds himself assigned to the most critical of all of the Don's jobs: Akira's bodyguard.

Signature Move:Ooran -- THROW
Signature Ability:TOUGHNESS -- MOMENTUM

Recent Logs

[Rumble In The Streets] [Rumble W6] L Bracket Championship - It's the L bracket championship, between the bigger-than-life Gan and the blonde haired ninja Maki! Will brawn be enough to topple the ninja who has only lost once? Or will speed and skill triumph? (WINNER: Maki) - Log created on 17:45:17 03/17/2016 by Maki, and last modified on 21:12:44 03/17/2016. Cast: Gan and Maki.

[Rumble In The Streets] [Rumble W5] Pepper vs Gan - GAN vs PEPPER on the Osaka ON RAMP! WATCH: As tarffic grinds to a standstill! THRILL: As road rage breaks out among those with hitbits! CHILL: As the very SOUL you hold dear seeps out from your suffering of traffic! - Log created on 18:11:03 03/02/2016 by Gan, and last modified on 05:48:14 03/04/2016. Cast: Gan and Pepper.

[Rumble In The Streets] [Rumble W4] Skullomania vs Gan - GAN vs SKULLOMANIA face off infront of the KYOTO IMPERIAL PALACE. Come for the Skullomania, during this rumble, and leave for .. NOTHING. You can't EVER leave! You're SKULLOMANIA'S NOW! Join the Skull-revolution! JOIN AND OBEY! But out of those two, who takes it? WHO CARES! SKULLOMANIA IS THE REAL WINNER. - Log created on 13:33:31 02/14/2016 by Gan, and last modified on 17:59:30 02/14/2016. Cast: Gan and Skullomania.

[Rumble In The Streets] [Rumble W3] Gan vs Lita - Lita and Gan do battle - though while Lita was more interested in the mission, Gan was more interested in the BEATING! Who comes out on top in this matchup!? It's a nailbiting conclusion! - Log created on 19:26:57 02/07/2016 by Gan, and last modified on 19:25:30 02/09/2016. Cast: Gan and Lita.

[Flight of the Soaring Spirit] [FSS:Week 1] THE WOLF VS THE MOUNTAIN - The battle in Mexico begins, with Gan facing off against Sven! But will the wolf who howls or the mountain beneath him come out victorious!? - Log created on 19:05:34 06/23/2015 by Gan, and last modified on 22:13:28 06/24/2015. Cast: Gan, Sven, and Mint.

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