Full Name:Gabriel Kai
Height:5' 7"
Weight:140 lbs.
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Dark Green
Hair Color:Pale Blonde
Date of Birth:June 20th
Hobbies:Prayer, Violin
Personal Treasures:Goddess Pendant
Favorite Food:Toro
Likes:Proper Etiquette, Purity, Faith
Dislikes:Irresponsibility, Unruly Behavior, Sin
Best Sport:Polo
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Sandy Fox
Theme Song:"Sekai wo Kakumei Suru Tame Ni" And "Emptiness and"


"You Shall not live, for you bare false witness to the Goddess."

Once upon a time there was a cult celebrating the 'Glorious Goddess', the maiden of light to which a certain wealthy family had been entirely drawn into. Their only daughter, a promising young disciple was sought to further cement the group in the world and more importantly the Kai family coffers. However when Gabriel's parents objected to the plans, they were eliminated, leaving the then young girl to inherit the entire fortune of her parents. As she grew and matured the cult found they had gotten more than they bargained for and soon got repaid for their treachery, but not from a vengeful daughter, but a true believer. On her own now the heiress furthers the teachings she was raised on, even if the group that raised her is no more by her own doing. Using a custom form of kenpo, her wealth and an ability to mimic the moves of her opponents, Gabriel Kai strives to revolutionize the world in the image of the Glorious Goddess.

Style:Dragon Kenpo
Signature Move:Mimic -- ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:REFLECT -- DEFLECT


*****Sixteen Years Ago*****

"Grave news. Your parent's airplane has crashed, everyone was lost.
She was not made for ill-weather. A needless waste of life."

An older man escorts a catatonic looking girl down a long hallway of
a cold manor house.

"Mister Liddel, are you sure you should be telling her this?"

A railthin stick of a man walks along the other side of Mr. Liddel, fidgeting
with each step.

"Flush the unpleasantness now. Keep troubles and torments at a distance
so they can be easily forgotten Powell. The girl will need to attend school
and the authorities will need to know the Church of the Worthy cause are
aptitude guardians. Her family fortunes will be safe until she is eighteen
and by then she must be raised with the Churches guidance."

The pair stops at a door, the young girl looks up at it, a foreboding crosses
her face as she stares at what was once the entry to a place of comfort and
safety; her father's study.

"This way Gabriel. We must all have a purpose that is simple and immutable.
Human purpose is fickle because it is a slave to memories and desires.
Memories must be strictly managed, Gabriel, desires eliminated."

Mr Powell shifts uncomfortably, the girl just stares blankly at the door.

"Mister Liddel, if she remembers-"

"She won't remember, Powell, now get on with it."

******* Present Day, Present Time ********

An older and more regal Liddel stands in a dank and dark room with a stoic
and coldly expressionless young twenty something woman. Mister Powell
fidgets nearby.

"I've had about enough of this non-sense Gabriel, you've graduated high
school and from a very expensive private one at that. It is time you display
gratitude for having been raised with such care and affection. Mister Powell
here was kind enough to bring the papers for your signature. The Church of
the Worthy cause requires access to your trust in order to spread the word and
the light. Why you insist on meeting in such a dark and filthy place is beyond me,
Mr Powell's office would of sufficed."

"The darkest places are in the greatest need of illumination. Before I sign
these documents I thought we might revisit the sins within our church. "
Gabriel responds coldly.

The older Lidell barely registered a reaction above a faint scowl, Powell was
all nerves, but Gabriel stood without regard for the reaction of either.

"Light? Light is useless if what it illuminates causes pain and suffering, better to
cast such things into the dark depths of Lethe, the river of forgetfulness," Lidell
replied curtly.

"I concur, water purifies as well as fire, which is why we are here. Do you
know what this building used to be? It was a dam and a locke in it's hayday,
now in disarray it is a reminder of the decay of society, of human morality. .
of our church.." Gabriel responds while slowly pulling a long shard of glass
from under her long silken coat.

"What is the meaning of this Gabriel?!" exclaimed Liddel.

"Purification. . ."

******* One minute later *******

"Mister Powell, I will require you to draw up new papers," Gabriel said softly
while wiping the length of her glass shard with a white cloth.

"I-is this because of your parents?" Powell stammered, having fallen in his
attempt to backpedal from the looming figure of Gabirel Kai.

"My parents. . .They were unclean, as are many in the church now, but since
you bring them up, I'm sure I can count on your cooperation. We wouldn't
want their fate to come to light now would we, Mister Powell?"

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