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"One's health is worth more than any amount of money. I suggest you maintain yours."

Afflicted with a genetic disease from birth, it seemed that the genius scion of the billionaire Rutherford family was not destined to live long in this world. As his intelligence seemed to grow, so too did his body begin to fade. Eventually, he became too weak to keep his body alive. The Rutherford family did everything in their power to no avail, but eventually Fei's research into martial arts as a method to improve his constitution found a secluded master of martial arts in the recesses of China. With his training under Leung Shen in the art of what he called True Wing Chun. It seemed the master awakened a sleeping giant as Fei's body began to become stronger to the point that he had become more than a normal man. Combined with his intellect, he became the most proficient student Leung Shen had ever trained. Determined to continue his training in order to never allow his body to fail once again, the young man has returned to his hometown with the goals of succeeding the Rutherford Textile Corporation and improving his True Wing Chun style further through practical experience.

Style:True Wing Chun
Signature Move:Formless Twilight -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

Recent Logs

[P-BBB 2017] P-BBB 2017) P. Diddles Birthday Dungeon! - P. Diddle is the rap-superstar with a rap supersheet. After hosting the mother of all parties, inviting all the rich, famous, fashionable, and fun people he knows, he suffers the worst of all hangovers: Being arrested for wrongful imprisonment charges. And right on his birthday too! Felicia and Fei both wake up in the depths of P. Diddle's dungeon, underneath his mansion, with the worst of understandings. Will Fei get Neko'd in the knees? Or will Felicia have Wing Chun tonight? - Log created on 18:01:28 10/20/2017 by Felicia, and last modified on 13:10:03 09/15/2018. Cast: Felicia and Fei.

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 5 - Assault On Battery - Noboru has finally found the location of the V-Gage Battery Warehouse, the central wholesale warehouse of the V-Gage batteries. With the international market shutdown, 90% of the V-Gage batteries are located here. But not all dealers of HitBit are wicked souls; Fei Rutherford, the billionaire philanthropist, had recently been handed over the warehouse by Lee Chaolan himself, granted unmitigated access to the batteries to serve for medical research. Noboru has the opportunity to cripple the chi-drain technology in the world for good. Will he do so at the cost of the cure of diseases? - Log created on 23:25:40 09/19/2017 by Noboru, and last modified on 22:53:47 09/30/2017. Cast: Noboru and Fei.

[KOF 2017] Business As Usual - With the hammer of the United Nations looming over Violet Systems, Lee Chaolan has a pleasant business meeting with one of his benefactors, Fei Rutherford. Fei, the heir of the Rutherford family, had just founded the Rutherford Medical Clinic, and has found the opportunity to gain from Lee Chaolan's misfortune... and of course, visa versa. - Log created on 19:08:52 09/10/2017 by Mian, and last modified on 23:48:57 09/11/2017. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Fei.

[Neo League 0087] NL#0096: Fei vs Sean - When Fei Rutherford is invited to take on a match in Brazil for the Neo League, he expected a fight in among a crowd of spectators in an arena! Not a fight on a dusty basketball court in a backwater town by an abandoned cathedral without a single person around to watch. To top it off, he has to fight Sean, who he has dubbed the flying monkey. Were the Neo League Officials even taking his matches seriously- In a match up of strict style versus creativity, who would win- (Winner: Fei) - Log created on 11:11:08 09/09/2017 by Fei, and last modified on 15:50:18 09/10/2017. Cast: Sean and Fei.

[KOF 2017] Ends and Means - Fei Rutherford, scion of the Rutherford Conglomerate and director of its medical branch, has announced the successful treatment of a form of leukemia utilizing Violet Systems' Chi Battery technology. But the United Nations has condemned Violet Systems, this year's host of the King of Fighters tournament, for theft and misuse of this technology and demanded that Japan arrest Lee Chaolan and turn him over to an international court. Lee Chaolan and Japan have rejected these demands, throwing international relations into turmoil. Alma Towazu, a covert agent of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, a secret Darkstalker-policing organization under the direction of the United Nations, manages to arrange a meeting with Fei Rutherford thanks to Alma's reputation as an acclaimed artist and recently-victorious King of Fighters competitor. Both the Sacred Order and Alma's King of Fighters teammates, Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi, suspect that Violet Systems is toying with eldritch horrors to acquire its Chi Battery technology, so Alma, believing that Fei must be a good person, chooses to approach him directly and attempt to find out what he knows. What follows is a fateful meeting between two men of conviction and character. It remains to be seen whether, in the end, their values will complement one another or explosively collide. - Log created on 16:20:10 09/07/2017 by Alma, and last modified on 23:58:39 09/11/2017. Cast: Alma and Fei.

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