Full Name:Faolan Sheehan
Faction:Ikari Warriors
Weight:220 lbs.
Blood Type:A
Hometown:Outskirts of Kilkenny
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Personal Treasures:His bata stick
Favorite Food:Corned beef brisket
Likes:Hats, cold drinks, soccer
Dislikes:Chatty people, "R"
Best Sport:Soccer
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Dropkick Murphys - God Willing


Born and raised by a militant father and a soldier himself, Faolan Sheehan was both dutiful to his country, but also a bit too much of a troublemaker to be a perfect soldier. Such as things happened he was discharged from the Republic of Ireland's army and took up the life of being just a citizen. With hard work and being a teacher of Rince an Bhata Uisce Bheatha, which he was taught through both his father and by a school instructor, he earned a living. One might say that was the end of the story, but events unfolded one wild week and once again Faolan had entered a military unit. But this time it was the famed Ikari Warriors, where he serves as a new recruit ready to fight for a cause once again.

Style:Rince an Bhata Uisce Bheatha
Signature Move:Jig Kick -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

NOL Bounty Data

Faolan Sheehan  
Class: CBounty: $45,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Rogue terrorist with direct ties to Heidern.

Recent Logs

[NFG Season One] It's A Bonus Stage Party! - With his home and place of business serving as the venue for the NFG tourney, Team Frost Sponsor, Abigail, decides to host a block party at the infamous Abigail's Scrap Metal in celebration of the end of Round One! There's beer to be drank, grilled Turkey Legs to be eaten and, most importantly, automobiles to be smashed! VROOOOOM! ... Poor Bred. - Log created on 19:08:28 09/17/2023 by Abigail, and last modified on 09:48:23 09/21/2023. Cast: Angel, Maxima, Faolan, Abigail, Djamila, Zarine, and Hashim.

What is this Magical BS!? - Faolan had been sent on a mission to guard a questionable business type. One that perhaps hasn't outright done wrong, but still has done enough to make a enemy that decided to hire a rather strange portal using assassin. All the Ikari training in the world might not have Faolan prepared for something like this. - Log created on 18:33:39 01/29/2019 by Faolan, and last modified on 23:04:34 01/29/2019. Cast: Gregory and Faolan.

[SNF 2018.03] SNF: The Rites Of Spring - With the Ides of March come and gone, it's time to prepare for spring. At the ritualistic grounds of Stonehenge, the world famous psychic Rose oversees the rites as she faces two opponents. The first is the world warrior himself, Abigail, bringing his own one-man monster truck show with pure power. With him? Faolan of the Ikari Warriors, the angry irishman with a bata stick beatdown ready in his corner. Will the pair be able to score against the mystic psychic? Or is it not in the cards? - Log created on 19:35:35 04/02/2018 by Faolan, and last modified on 11:07:06 04/04/2018. Cast: Rose, Faolan, and Abigail.

Ikari Fugitives? - The Ikari Warriors are wanted people according to the NOL. Deep in their Brazillian base, Codename: Leona Heidern, determines that whatever presence is itching under her skin warrants investigation more than hiding low and avoiding the bounty hunters. In her determination, she takes along her fellow Ikari Warrior, Faolan. That is, after determining if he can stand against her should the worst happen. - Log created on 23:34:16 03/03/2018 by Leona, and last modified on 10:24:15 03/09/2018. Cast: Faolan and Leona.

[KOF 2017] Act 3: Mission 3) White Dress, Red Wedding - At Kanmon Bridge, connecting Kitakyushu to the main island of Honshu, the JSDF makes a stand against the encroaching Gear army. You would think a tense standoff would ensue as the Ikari Warriors face off against the Gears, but in FACT, the Gears are led by... a girl in a wedding dress? Join us for headbutting sharks, stray boomerangs, and girls with swords screaming at each other... after the break. - Log created on 20:07:52 11/27/2017 by Elphelt, and last modified on 00:36:03 12/06/2017. Cast: Faolan, Lita, Cooper, and Elphelt.

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