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Game:Street Fighter
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"How about a DOUBLE dose of poison?"

Fang is an odd man, with a dangerous past. Once the leader of a band of assassins called Nguuhao, his band came to an end after an ill-fated attempt on the life of Vega, the leader of Shadaloo. After his assassins were all slaughtered, he surrendered to Vega, pleading for his life. Instead of his life, he gained something more, and was introduced into the upper ranks of Shadaloo. Flamboyant and arrogant, FANG is obsessed with control and protocol, forcing a vision of strict order over Shadaloo. Eccentric to a degree, no one can underestimate the assassin: FANG is a master of venom, and has trained himself with the lethal arts to a personal degree. Even a mere touch from the assassin can kill, as toxic as the most lethal of cobras. At the moment, he serves Vega faithfully. But FANG ultimately only serves the strong, and only if it assures his own life.

Style:Chinese Kenpo
Signature Move:Ryobenda -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

Recent Logs

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 2 - To The Pain - The trails of Rashid's missing friend stretch out further and further, deep into the heart of Sunshine City. Using the information given by Kolin, he joins the assault with Interpol and the Special Forces against the entrenched Shadaloo stronghold. Using a security code found in the flash drive, he is able to dive deep into one of the last known locations of his friend. There, he discovers the true intentions of those who are captured by Shadaloo... and encounters FANG, who is more than happy to inflict the worst kind of punishment upon the hero. - Log created on 13:10:41 09/06/2018 by FANG, and last modified on 17:37:32 09/08/2018. Cast: FANG and Rashid.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 1 - Weak Upon The Strong - Following the dark psionic presence lingering around M. Bison, Yoshimitsu and his clan of thieving ninjas has targeted the boxer's associates for great justice. Descending upon a cartel in Mexico, the clan of ninja has just liberated some ill-gotten goods from one of the cartels. Armed with the wealth, Yoshimitsu himself arrives in a beleaguered village near Oaxaca to deliver much needed relief. What he could have never expected, however, is that the goods he made away with were property of Shadaloo...and FANG believes such interlopers must be punished! PUNISHED! - Log created on 12:37:57 06/29/2018 by Yoshimitsu, and last modified on 11:06:12 07/03/2018. Cast: Yoshimitsu and FANG.

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