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Game:Mortal Kombat
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"We are many; You are but one. We will destroy you!"

An enforcer of Outworld and servant of the emperor, Ermac was created when Shao Kahn fused the souls of countless warriors into a single unified being. The imposing concentration of souls within him grants him considerable telekinetic power and martial experience, but robs him of any sort of individual identity. In his heart and soul he is not one man, but many, and thus he refers to himself in the plural form.

Style:Choy Lay Fut
Signature Move:Surrender -- THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:IMBUED-PSI -- NOVA

Recent Logs

[Mortal Kombat] MK Round 2: Athena vs Ermac - Determined to earn the power to pay the price to regain what was lost, Asamiya finds herself challenging the Emerald Enigma guarding a vortex of collected souls. - Log created on 19:15:16 10/23/2016 by Athena, and last modified on 04:41:24 10/26/2016. Cast: Athena, Ermac, and Sorcha.

[SNF 2016.07] SNF: We Were Soldiers (Hijacked!) - Hello boils and ghouls! It’s the witching(?) hour, and it’s time to play soldiers! Some place in time, whether future or past or even right now, America has found itself in conflict. It has found itself in battle. And in these battlefields, you know you are gonna find the ghosts of wars past, lingering and clinging to thoughtless conflicts and fear! And to help bring these fears to life is the jaw-dropping I-No(Is she?)! More like I-meko! So, I know that you all are thinking, what can this "witch" bring to the table? Well, it looks like we got two takers! The undead heart-throb Scorpion, and where’s the wolf? There’s the wolf, Azumi! Both are gonna be paired up to take down the 'witch', all while the spectres of wars past, present, and future drift around! Witchin’! (Unfortunately for all involved, a few thousand souls join the party, and things get dangerous!) - Log created on 22:25:53 07/06/2016 by Scorpion, and last modified on 09:50:13 07/07/2016. Cast: Himeko, Ermac, Scorpion, and Azumi.

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Round 3] WE ARE BROKEN - At the direction of their commander, Kliff Undersn, the Sacred Order has been keeping watch in Majigen, waiting to have all the information they need before they act. However, as the situation becomes more dire, Ky Kiske is spurred to action through the actions of Shao Khan's soul hunter, Ermac. The two have a brief but intense clash ending in a stalemate that promises not to be their last... - Log created on 18:40:03 04/27/2015 by Ky Kiske, and last modified on 08:33:16 04/28/2015. Cast: Ky Kiske and Ermac.

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Round 2] SOUL SEARCHING - After the battle with Zabel Zarock went awry, the fight for the communications antennas did not proceed well -- but now there is a different tack to approach. A mysterious stranger has been seen wandering throughout the city, garbed in tattered cloth -- radiating the intense energy of countless, innumerable souls of the damned. And it seems he's been frequenting one of the taller buildings in town: one with a clear shot of the Il Paradiso Opera House. Keeping an eye on the comings and goings of the people within. Yeah, this tower's too small for the both of them. - Log created on 17:34:19 04/19/2015 by Zach Glenn, and last modified on 19:26:56 04/20/2015. Cast: Zach Glenn and Ermac.

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Week 1] Down By The River - Lord Dohma's meditation by the River of Blood is interrupted by an unusual ally, who may provide the key to one bothersome little problem he's been having. - Log created on 20:19:54 04/13/2015 by Jedah, and last modified on 18:32:29 04/14/2015. Cast: Ermac and Jedah.

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