Age:It's over 1000!!!
Height:5'8" (173cm)
Weight:120 lbs (54kg)
Blood Type:Preferrably AB
Eye Color:Red
Hair Color:Black with Red highlights
Favorite Food:Blood
Likes:Blood, Naps, Undeath, Darkness
Dislikes:Sunlight, Holy ground, Priests, Garlic
Best Sport:Sleeping
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Unrelenting night awai-zzz..."

A classic vampire straight out of the ancient legends, Eliza is a relic from the past that has lived for nearly one thousand years, though even she is not entirely sure exactly how old she is nor where she comes from. Though typically rather lethargic in nature, the vampiress is possessed of an other-worldly amount of charm which she can unleash when desired and an equally supernatural strength that comes out when necessary. Having been hounded by the Hunter's Guild for hundreds of years and suffered imprisonment at the hands of the De Rochefort family at some point in the past, Eliza has a rather dim view of humans in general and can be very quick to resort to violence when she feels that she has been threatened or insulted in some way. Unfortunately, despite the incredible power she has accumulated over her millennia of life, Eliza also suffers from a rather acute case of narcolepsy. At any point in time, she is prone to bouts of sudden slumber, often in the midst of speaking or fighting, which can leave her a rather easy target. This trait has magnified to truly absurd levels in her undeath, causing her to sometimes sleep for dozens if not hundreds of years in a single nap, which makes time a rather nebulous concept to an immortal such as herself.

Style:Sexy Vampire
Signature Move:Bloody Bite -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

NOL Bounty Data

Class: CBounty: $39,000.00
WANTED ALIVE Believed to be a dangerous Darkstalker but lacks a sufficient track record it issue a kill order. Detain and interrogate for further evaluation.

Recent Logs

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 2 - Once a Wise Man, Twice a Fool - During the events of King of Fighters 2017, the wards around Mt Fuji were devastated, paving the way for hordes of monsters to sweep through. Several ninja clans were able to band together, re-establishing many of these wards, though they weren't able to protect them forever. Recent weather disasters have damaged the wards, creating weaknesses that a certain Dark Messiah was able to capitalize upon. The sacred mountain is now being used as a staging area for an impending assault, with darkstalkers crawling in and amongst the trees. Luckily for Southtown, demon-hunter Donovan has sensed the impending darkness and arrives to cast it back into the void. But he is not the only one sensing this darkness. Eliza, the mysterious vampiress, has found herself drawn to the overwhelming darkness boiling up from the mountain. And unlike the demon-hunter, her curiosity has less innocent intentions, as she's eager to claim Jedah's monsters for her own purposes. - Log created on 23:38:13 08/04/2018 by Donovan, and last modified on 15:45:04 08/05/2018. Cast: Donovan and Eliza.

[KOF 2017] Q4: Full Moons vs Hungry Wolves - With the strange new faces Full Moons coming out in a close match, they are pouring up and over against the Hungry Wolves in familiar territory. The Hungry Wolves bring in a hometown advantage as the fight comes in at Southtown, right outside the local favorite 'Old Line,' home of the hard rock. Eliza, the terrifying woman that brought Hideo down to his knees, will be leading in against Terry Bogard right outside the Live House. Will he be okay- Or will Eliza and her ladies make him bust a wolf- - Log created on 12:48:08 08/27/2017 by Terry, and last modified on 17:48:04 09/10/2017. Cast: Rock, Terry, Felicia, Eliza, Brandon, and Duck.

[KOF 2017] B3 Qualifier Match: Full Moons vs Hard Knocks - AKA KOF: Getting Schooled, or a Lunar Landing? Situated over the River Thames, the world famous London Bridge manages to avoid falling down, in order to allow two strange teams to duke it out for the valuable 3rd Bracket slot. The beautiful Full Moons, Felicia and Eliza, are strange and elegant women of an almost superhuman talent, will be staring down the Hard Knocks, the best of the best of academic merits. Teacher and student will be fighting together, as the monster faces the mundane. Both Hideo and Iincyo will need to teach a lesson to the Full Moons. Hopefully, they won't be overwhelmed by the combat assets of the two madams. - Log created on 13:09:08 08/11/2017 by Iincyo, and last modified on 11:56:33 08/14/2017. Cast: Hideo, Iincyo, Felicia, and Eliza.

Vereor Nox - Having an incredibly hard time controlling his new found urges, Daniel is chased out of a village by it's inhabitants. Seeking refuge in an old church, the man discovers a kindred soul! A woman that seems to be in full control of her own dark powers. - Log created on 16:20:06 07/12/2017 by Eliza, and last modified on 19:14:49 07/17/2017. Cast: Daniel and Eliza.

[SNF 2017.07] SNF: Eliza vs Lotus vs Aranha - Hello Boils and Ghouls, and now for those lucky fighters looking for the right kind of luck can now find it dark and dirty in the late night matches. Tune into the witching hours to check out how even Darkstalkers want to find fighters to team up with. While he once wasn't with the in crowd, Aranha has finally qualified. Aranha can enjoy his new form as he finds himself at a special avenue of Saturday Night Fights: The Midnight Channel. Facing off is a -hell- of an enemy, the infamous Lotus of Lord Jedah, and a mysterious vampire maiden of Eliza. In what is a vicious free for all at the San Giorgio Cathedral, will this finally be the chance for Darkstalkers to join together for the chance to represent monsters in the King of Fighters? [Winner: Eliza] - Log created on 21:04:12 07/04/2017 by Aranha, and last modified on 12:13:14 07/05/2017. Cast: Aranha, Eliza, and Lotus.

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