Full Name:Elise Isabela Harkness
Height:5'8" (172cm)
Weight:106 lbs. (48kg)
Blood Type:AB
Hometown:Inverness, Scotland
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Auburn
Hobbies:Tarot-reading, high fashion
Favorite Food:Tiramisu
Likes:Flirting, dancing, flirting by dancing
Dislikes:Tradition, duty, boredom
Best Sport:Darts
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Claudia Black
Theme Song:Bonobo, "Sapphire"


"Let's see what your future holds..."

Rather a contrast to the energetically physical performers of the Twilight Star, the beautiful and mysterious Elise Harkness is not a center ring performer. Instead, she has two separate jobs: working the crowd as one of the show's rotating set of ringmasters, and a curiously popular job as a sideshow fortuneteller. While her elegant charm is a hit under the big top, her occasionally eerily accurate predictions mean that she often has a steady business of clients no matter where the show goes, even after the show has moved on. While she very rarely engages in the sort of fight-show that her fellow performers do, she has been known to display a fearsome skill and accuracy with throwing knives. Of course, her soothsaying success suggests there may be other skills hiding underneath the surface...

Signature Move:Tyrfing -- ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:REFLECT -- DEFLECT


[ Relevant OOC Info ]
Like a handful of other psychic characters, Elise has the gift of genuine foresight/prophecy. In her case, it manifests either during an induced trance state using a focus like tarot cards (she does not do this for circusgoers), or in the form of dreams and visions. In both cases, the results are not very specific; they are often symbolic, suggesting the possibilities of events to come rather than any hard facts.

[ IC Info ]
A member of the Twilight Star Circus, Elise Harkness is not one of the star attractions, though she occasionally fills in as ringmaster. Her involvement in the Twilight Star's more esoteric activities is unknown to all but a tiny handful of people, but in that capacity she serves less as muscle and more as a face or social influencer, dealing with people at all levels of society where her silver tongue and ability to read the mental state of others proves to be a significant benefit. She comes from an extremely long matrilineal clan of Scottish witches, all of whom have been trained as Dark Hunters, those families that hunt Darkstalkers. Elise herself ran away from that life, which is how she met Honoka to begin with.

Recent Logs

Closing The Loop - Meditation is a powerful technique to unlock the potential of the human body. It can also be an expressive conduct to another world -- on certain times of certain days of the year in certain extra specific places. - Log created on 11:15:45 06/19/2023 by Honoka, and last modified on 20:05:29 06/19/2023. Cast: Honoka and Elise.

[Illyria] The Queen is Dead; Long Live the Queen - With the appointed hour of Saint Elmo's Fire approaching, and the defenders of Illyria fighting desperately, valiantly below for their own survival against faerie forces with nothing to lose, the ritual on which the invasion was predicated draws near. Leo Whitefang, driven by Elise's letter, races for the top of the castle before it's too late, Clio in tow. What they find is a desperate, eldritch danger... but also, help from a most unexpected source. With Mab's plan coming to fruition, and Elise's ancient bargain with the fae hanging over her, what will become of Illyria's defenders in this final hour? - Log created on 20:37:41 06/30/2018 by Elise, and last modified on 20:18:12 07/18/2018. Cast: Morrigan, Elise, Leo Whitefang, and Clio.

[Illyria] Illyria Act 2 - The Borders of Reality - Beneath what's left of Illyria Castle, various agents of the powers gathered in Albania to explore the ancient kingdom are searching the newfound Telluric Complex. Drawn by a chance encounter, Elise Harkness takes a detour into a discovery that finally puts the various elements of the puzzle in place... but she's not the only person to stumble on the answers this day. - Log created on 21:11:43 04/08/2018 by Elise, and last modified on 17:11:50 04/14/2018. Cast: Elise and Nine.

[Illyria] Illyria Act 1 - Visions of Finality - Who in the realm today has choice of the easy road or the hard to tread? / and, much concerned for his own estate, would sell his soul to remain in the sun? / Let him depart nor look on our dead / our King asks nothing of any man more than our King has done. (Rudyard Kipling, "The Dead King") - Log created on 12:45:27 03/21/2018 by Elise, and last modified on 13:27:23 03/27/2018. Cast: Elise and Eadni.

The Long March Toward Destiny - Elise Harkness stops by the circus for a brief, but important check-in with Honoka. - Log created on 16:46:45 03/11/2018 by Honoka, and last modified on 09:00:35 03/21/2018. Cast: Honoka and Elise.

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