Height:6 foot
Weight:152 lbs.
Blood Type:O+
Hometown:Tribes don't HAVE hometowns. GOSH.
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Silvery-White
Hobbies:Studying, Fighting, Travelling
Favorite Food:Domoda or Sweet Potato
Likes:Animals, Games and Children
Dislikes:Serious People
Love Interests:Single?
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


The hybrid of two different worlds, Elena is the princess of a tribe in Africa, the daughter of the tribe's witch doctor. However, her father also has a formal education in medicine, and Elena would like nothing more than to follow in his footsteps and venture into the outside world. Happy and outgoing, Elena is a nature lover, and shares the almost mystical healing abilities of her family. However, she longs to see the world outside of her home village, and has left home on a journey across the globe. Skilled in Capoeira, which she picked up naturally thanks to her natural rhythm and dancing abilities, Elena's dreams of entering into the real world may soon be realized.

Signature Move:Rhino Horn -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

Recent Logs

[KOF 2019] Quarterfinal 1 - Miracle Rookies vs Women's Team - The Women's Team fights to secure their place in this year's tournament against the team that consigned them to the tiebreaker round. - Log created on 17:59:35 08/02/2019 by Bulleta, and last modified on 15:12:31 08/12/2019. Cast: Elena, Bulleta, and Aurora.

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