Full Name:Edenlith Pantion Zaizen
Aliases:The Bitch,
Faction:Pacific High
Weight:140 pounds
Blood Type:AB minus
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Red
Hair Color:Dark blue
Date of Birth:05/25/2003
Hobbies:Pissing some people off, cooking.
Personal Treasures:Her white cat even if he annoys her at times.
Favorite Food:Hamburger with everything in it.
Likes:Inflicting and receiving pain. A good prank (Though what she finds good, others might not.)
Dislikes:biographical data. Too many questions.
Best Sport:Beside fighting? Football. Tackle!!!
Love Interests:Unknown
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Kym Hoy (Something Similar to the Kasumi voice she did)
Theme Song:Hide and seek


"Ding Dong. Pay the consequence."

Edenlith was a normal girl, until she was at the wrong place at the right time. An incident, a talking cat (?!) and there we are, the path to a martial artist. She's crazy or acting like she's crazy, no one seems to really know. One may even wonder if she knows herself. She never speaks, but at times, she can still be heard in another way. Rumor has it she can heal herself to a point during fights. Her style is suppose to be weird, maybe because another rumor is the cat has been training her. As for her ambition, one would think she wants to be the best, but they would be wrong. She's looking for something, she looking for sensations. She's so bored most of the time. At least fighting makes her feel alive. Those red eyes, those blue veins showing in her face, whatever happens, things will never be the same.

Style:Sober Drunken Fist and Drunken Cat Style Fighting
Signature Move:Help Me I Am Falling! -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:SECOND_WIND -- RALLY

Recent Logs

[Fightfest 2023] NFG Inaugural Tournament Afterparty - The after-party for the inaugural New Fighting Generation tournament of FightFest 2023, featuring appearances from CYS and the commentary team of Tom and Lou to reveal the next step for the New Fighting Generation. - Log created on 04:30:23 05/25/2023 by Pringer X, and last modified on 03:38:48 05/31/2023. Cast: Chris, Shermie, Yashiro, Edenlith, Abigail, Lyraelle, Kenzo, Ichika, John Doe, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, Tamaki, Chevy, Nixie, Buford, Ariastra, Sarah, and Buck.

Things changes - Talking about the old times and the new times. - Log created on 10:10:28 05/24/2023 by Edenlith, and last modified on 10:08:10 05/28/2023. Cast: Edenlith and Rafferty.

[SNF 2023.02] Never Tear Us Apart - Old spooky castles make the best romance spots--or well, I'd like to think so--however for our self-professed heroine, MAKI, I think it's safe to say she's in for a bit of excitement, although not in the way she might want, however. EDENLITH has been freed from wherever she had gotten herself stuck in last time we were able to get her in here with our handlers, and she's been turned loose on the castle grounds. We're pretty sure she speaks French, or something--so that would explain her ease of getting around. Please note: spectral phantoms have been released onto the surrounding areas and will not disperse until either or both of you are unconscious--and just to tip the odds even further the 'Lith has been riled up via CHAOS ENERGY INFUSION prior to release, so... enjoy that, lovebirds! - Log created on 18:02:25 03/16/2023 by Maki, and last modified on 07:06:39 03/20/2023. Cast: Maki and Edenlith.

[Dead or Alive] Dominus - The roar is louder than anything has a right to be. The plan was to escape, to pull back, to finally enjoy some peace and quiet. Then apparently a tyrannosaur broke confinement. During a relatively uneventual checkout at one of the Dead or Alive Visitor's Centers watching the final matches and accompanying news from what one would imagine to be a safe distance, an entire wall caves in. Apparently, Darkstalker attacks have destabilized nearby JANUS facilities, and well, apparently there's some confusion about where the sophisticated ICE system is supposed to be. As well as where Rafferty is supposed to be. Oh dear. - Log created on 18:18:10 12/23/2022 by Edenlith, and last modified on 11:34:15 01/08/2023. Cast: Edenlith, Nena, and Rafferty.

[The Descent] Round 4 - Vanishing Point - Lately, the lost and forgotten tunnels of a Buried Subway Station in Metro City have seen more life than they have in decades. Maybe that's why there's a faint blue pinprick shining at the other end of the tunnel, growing gradually larger, closer when observed-- and farther when approached. Maybe that's why soft murmurs susurrate through stale air, creeping ever farther into the barely lit darkness. Maybe that's why Athena Asamiya and Edenlith, the Hollow Girl feel judgmental eyes studying their every move. - Log created on 14:15:23 09/04/2022 by Athena, and last modified on 22:26:27 09/10/2022. Cast: Athena and Edenlith.

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